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Alex Pompa acquitted, killed a violent father. The judges: “The fact does not constitute a crime”

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Has been acquitted because the fact does not constitute a crime Alex Pompa, the nineteen year old student who killed his father on 30 April 2020, in Collegno nel Torinese Giuseppe Pompa, a 52-year-old worker, for defend the mother and brother from violence of the parentAnd. The sentence was pronounced by the court of Assize of Turin. “I hope justice is done and my son acquitted, we just want to live a normal life” he said in court this morning. Maria Cutoia, the boy’s mother, cashier in a supermarket, and the judges decided just like that: Alex was it acquitted “because the fact does not constitute a crime”.

The embrace between Alex Pompa, his mother Maria Cutoia and his brother Loris immediately after the acquittal

Alex Pompa had killed his violent father delivering 34 stab wounds, using six different knives, breaking the blade in the last deadly blow. But the boy, just 18 years old when on 30 April 2020 called the carabinieri immediately confessing the crime committed, she acted to defend her mother from the constant assaults of an obsessively jealous and continually aggressive husband. A reason that the Court has fully recognized.

Alex Pompa’s comment: “We deserve it, we’ve seen hell”

Now, immediately after the sentence, the student happily comments: “We are very happy, we deserve it: yeswe see what we have lived, we have seen theinferno“. Now we will finally have a real life, normal, like all children with a mother and a brother next to us. I thank the Court: we have always trusted in justice and we really felt everyone’s support despite so many hard times. The first thing we’re going to do is go home and hug each other, it was a hard day. This is justice, we won. “We have seen death in the face, Alex saved our lives, “he adds his brother Loris. Even after the tragedy, when he ended up under house arrest, Alex confirmed that he was a model student: in June he passed his high school exam and received the congratulations of the then minister Lucia Azzolina. Now, as a free person, attends university and works as a receptionist in a hotel.

Alex Pompa in the classroom: “My father wanted to stab us, I killed him to survive”

by Sarah Martinenghi

The lime king who paid him “the best criminal lawyer in the city”

To hear the sentence in the courtroom there were also theformer dean of the hotel in Pinerolo that the young man attended at the time of the murder, Rinaldo Merlone, it’s a entrepreneur from Treviso, Paolo Fassa Bortolo, “king of the lime”, that when he had heard the story of Alex on the news he was moved and decided to help him. As a “guardian angel” (as the young man defined him) he immediately found a defender for him, “I have chosen the best criminal lawyer in town”, And since then every 15 days he calls the boy, following every step of the story and dispensing life advice.

From left, the lawyer Claudio Strata, defender of Alex Pompa; the Treviso entrepreneur Paolo Fassa Bortolo who assisted the boy; Professor Rinaldo Merlone, former dean of the Pinerolo hotel school frequented by Alex

A difficult verdict

The Court of Assizes chaired by judge Alessandra Salvadori, after six hours of council chamber, issued a difficult verdict, where even the norms of the code face obstacles. L’accusation, supported in court by the prosecutor Alessandro Aghemo, had found “forced to ask for 14 years of prison ”, because the introduction of the rules for the red code lead to the exclusion of extenuating circumstances for those who kill a person linked to family ties. For this the prosecutor had invited the judges to raise one question before the Constitutional Court.

The reading of the verdict by the Court of Assizes chaired by judge Alessandra Salvadori

Only two alternatives were possible as a verdict. Fourteen years or acquittal: for self defense, as he had asked defense attorney Claudio Strata who in his speech had explained the dramatic family situation experienced in that house in Collegno, or “because the fact does not constitute a crime”, as decided by the Court. To make the judges relive that situation, the lawyer made them listen 250 shock recordings, over 9 hours of audio in which screams and threats, insults and assaults between husband and wife have echoed in the courtroom. “Do you realize what Alex went through? He couldn’t study, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t live. Every evening, as he himself told, he would go to bed only after hugging his mother for a long time fearing to wake up and not find her alive anymore”.

Alex and the lawyer Strata at the time of the reading of the sentence

Attorney Strata: “Pilot sentence, textbook case of self-defense”

“I was very sorry not to have some sort of bank from the prosecutor’s office because in my opinion it was evident from the beginning that this was a textbook situation, a case of a school of self-defense – is the comment of the lawyer Strata – I was sorry that the prosecutor did not come after us from the beginning and that he supported up to the end a thesis absolutely contrasting with the one we have offered since the first day: therefore the satisfaction is double or perhaps triple because we found ourselves a bit alone. I hope – continues Strata – that this sentence represents a strong signal, both a kind of pilot ruling to prevent these people from being alone and isolated. It didn’t have to end this way but it was a situation from which it was impossible to get out: Alex had no blame or responsibility for what happened in that house “.

He killed his father to defend his mother, the prosecutor: “I’m forced to ask for 14 years in prison for Alex Pompa”

by Sarah Martinenghi

The nightmare in the family: “My father hated mom’s smile”

A psychiatric report had determined that Alex was partially capable of understanding at the time of the murder because of a post traumatic stress disorder caused precisely byfamily nightmare lived at home. He and his brother Loris had to take turns at home to protect the mother from the father. On the day of the murder, Giuseppe Pompa had spied on her at work and had seen a colleague put a hand on her shoulder, a gesture that had infuriated him.

“After having it called 101 times on the phone, as soon as my mother came home, he attacked her, he seemed possessed, we thought he would kill us all“Both Alex and his brother had testified. At 10.29pm that evening, Loris he sent a message to his uncle, “The only person who was able to reason with him,” asking him to to intervene. “He lived a minute and a half away, he viewed the message but did nothing“. The uncle, brother of the killed man, and the mother had asked for a compensation of 250 thousand euros.

Alex again with his mother and brother

“My husband hated my smile,” his mother Maria Cutoia had said instead. “Alex has already served her sentence, it was that of growing up with a violent father. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be alive today ”.


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