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Algeria, earlier than lengthy, will return to its regular dimension

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Muhammad Enfi
What is supposed by the overall dimension of Algeria, right here, is what it was earlier than France took it in 1830. This work began from 1830 to 1962; That is, 100 and thirty two years (132 years) altogether. It needs to be famous that the French occupation got here after the Ottoman rule, which lasted for greater than 300 years (from 1516 to 1830). That is, extra time than cavemen spend sleeping. This historic knowledge incorporates classes and advantages for many who wish to perceive Algeria by its location, inhabitants, state of affairs, traits, and perspective.
Location knowledge is essential right here. This is as a result of Algeria, at present thought of the most important nation in Africa by space, was not like that when France occupied it. How did it grow to be the dimensions it’s at present? The reply is discovered, however, within the nature of colonial rule; On the opposite hand, amongst historians and researchers within the historical past of North Africa. History books, historic paperwork, and maps affirm that French colonialism created at present’s Algeria, and the nation and its borders. This was performed by seizing massive areas of nations with land borders with its North African area, assuming that Algeria would stay amongst its abroad territories. France made this aggressive, expansionist transfer between the nineteenth century and the primary half of the 20th century. Thus, the colonialist expanded the territory and borders of his African province on the expense of its neighbors: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mali and Niger. This merely explains the dimensions of the present Algerian space.
But at present, there are indicators that present a qualitative change, the traits of which have come from geopolitical, ethnic, social, demographic and different components. Unless this example is handled correctly and with foresight, the state of affairs can explode at any time, both on the inner degree (tribal disaster, the Tuareg and Azawad disaster…) or on the borders, typically inflammatory (relations with Libya and the Sahel international locations…). All this means that Algeria will, earlier than lengthy, return to the traditional state it was in earlier than France occupied it. The latter has adequate reserves to right its historic improper and supply justice to the affected international locations. By returning stolen land to its individuals. Voices have begun to rise, right here and there (and this isn’t new), to demand this historic proper that can not be revoked, both beneath the pretext of a statute of limitations, or beneath the pretext of a fait accompli, or by adhering to the “System” of limitations inherited from colonialism (see our article “Demand for Preservation Of Inherited Borders.” About colonialism, a name to erase historic fact,” revealed in “The Socialist Union” newspaper on March 10, 2023).
This precept, which Algeria adheres to, affirms in concrete phrases that the Algerian state is just the inheritor of French colonialism and takes its place in monitoring and defending the maps drawn by the colonialists of North Africa and inserting them as a fait accompli. There isn’t any shock in that; Algeria remains to be, in a method, beneath France, it may be mentioned that it’s a French colony. It has no textual content to show its independence. It didn’t obtain conditional independence; Therefore, the mission of the Algerian authorities was restricted to guarding the land that was taken over by France and included the previous province of Algeria. As for his or her saying that this land is watered with the blood of martyrs, this assertion is nothing however a motive for the resident’s motion and an excuse to commerce within the blood of martyrs. Algeria is the one nation on this planet that trades in martyrs and is happy with their hundreds of thousands in quantity (Abdelmadjid Tebboune mentions 5 million 600 and thirty martyrs). While those that know the reality communicate of a number of tens of hundreds.
If we keep in mind the widespread legislation that claims: “Anything constructed on a lie is a lie,” and we emphasize it with a well-known Moroccan proverb that affirms that “those that are clothed amongst individuals are bare,” then our reply to all Algerians who adhere to the precept of sustaining the boundaries inherited from colonialism is that this precept is rejected logically, intellectually, and morally; This is as a result of these boundaries are constructed on the improper foundations. Therefore it’s invalid. French colonialism established it in another person’s world, after taking it by power with a purpose to develop its colony and strengthen its affect by exploiting the world‘s sources and strengthening management over its individuals. However, in line with authorized, historic and ethical legislation, what the French colonizer was doing was tantamount to defining theft. Since the stolen merchandise has already appeared with its rightful proprietor, the thief should return the stolen merchandise to its proprietor. In different phrases, he should return the nation to its individuals. The precept of borders inherited from colonialism is nothing greater than a proper supposed to be false. What you adhere to is the precept of “clothed within the place of males,” which is within the precept of nakedness, or within the rule of the one who hides what’s stolen or participates in judgment. theft.
When we defend the lands that France stole from the neighbors of its African province, and we name for the return of Algeria to its regular dimension, it shouldn’t be understood that we settle for or defend the circumstances of disintegration. of North Africa. Morocco realizes that amongst Algeria’s targets in creating the Moroccan Western Sahara disaster is to disrupt or cease it from claiming its japanese Sahara.
But the event of the file, whether or not on the worldwide degree or on the bottom, proved the shortsightedness and stupidity of the Algerian authorities. The stone that Houari Boumediene needed in Morocco’s shoe has grow to be a strong rock in Algeria’s chest and a nightmare that the state doesn’t know learn how to do away with. The greatest proof of what we’re saying is what President Abdelmadjid Tebboune lately mentioned concerning the lack of ambiance for the younger individuals born within the Tindouf camps. What is alleged right here within the south of Algeria. Tindouf has grow to be a rustic inside a area. How will Algeria get out of this disaster? Especially since most of these in Tindouf camps usually are not from the Moroccan Sahara? Removed you who solved it!!!
I assumed to conclude this text by referring to the interview of the primary author of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Professor Idris Lashkar, revealed in a revered Arab information web site known as “Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed.” I considered this switch as a result of a part of the dialogue talked about above incorporates affordable and sensible proposals and concepts directed on the individuals of Algeria, relating to their inner issues, whether or not they’re on the degree of the Kabylie area or the Azawad area. However, once I keep in mind plenty of official statements in opposition to our nation, from the speech of the President of the Republic, via ministers and get together leaders, to the official and unofficial media, it turned clear to me that the “new Algeria” not has sane individuals or sane individuals who can perceive the phrases the primary creator of the Social Society, so I deserted this concept.
I would really like, by the best way, to take my hat, however, to the professors of worldwide legislation and worldwide relations who take part in tv interviews with their Algerian companions (for instance, France 24); On the opposite hand, I like to recommend it to social media fanatics who arrange stay chats (lives) and embrace callers from Algeria. I take my hat off to those Moroccans for his or her lengthy endurance and tolerance of the ignorance, stupidity and stupidity of their Algerian interlocutors, even when amongst them there are medical doctors, researchers, specialists and specialists..; Which confirms that the navy regime has succeeded in domesticating and restraining all individuals, besides these whom God holds by the hand.
Meknes on May 29, 2024

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