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Alias ​​“Chirimoya”, behind the excesses in Bajo Cauca?

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Alias ​​“Chirimoya”, behind the excesses in Bajo Cauca?

For two weeks Bajo Cauca Antioqueño has been in a mining strike, an event that has been escalating and that to date leaves a tense public order situation that has caused the confinement of thousands of people. The Public Force and the government have made a presence in the area to seek to preserve the tranquility of the inhabitants and establish dialogue tables that help to solve the conflict.

However, the escalated acts of violence that have occurred would have to do with actions directed from the gulf clana criminal structure that sought to be part of Total Peace, but is in charge of undermining the confidence and efforts of the government.

After the capture of alias “Otoniel” the criminal structure was left without a visible figure, which has unleashed a dispute for power between alias “Siopas”, alias “Chiquito Malo” and alias “Gonzalito”. The first was found lifeless at the beginning of this month; The hypothesis that is handled to date is that he was assassinated in a trap set by “Chiquito Malo”, since “Siopas” was in disagreement with negotiating with the National Government within the framework of the Total Peace.

This scenario leaves alias “Gonzalito” and alias “Chiquito Malo” at the top of the organization without a clear leader to date. However, it has been possible to establish that, in the case of Bajo Cauca, the strike would have been ordered by alias “Gonzalito”, who would be acting through his trusted man Jose Miguel Demoya Hernandezalias “Chirimoya”, head of the Uldar Cardona Rueda substructure that operates in Caucasia, Nechí, El Bagre and Zaragoza, and has between 180 and 300 men under arms.

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Alias ​​”Chirimoya” led the confrontation with “Los Caparrapos” in the armed dispute with the Clan for control of illegal gold mining and drug trafficking in Bajo Cauca. “Chirimoya” was in charge of fighting and defeating “Los Caparrapos”.

Bajo Cauca, unfortunately, has been the area where violent actions have taken place that try to demonstrate and position “Gonzalito” as a leader and enter “Chirimoya” into the General Staff, ordered acts against Total Peace, such as the kidnapping of three prosecutors and now the mining strike, to undermine the leadership of “Chiquito Malo” by blowing up a possible submission to justice and asserting its control over illegal income in the area.

Paradoxically, alias “Chirimoya” is one of the eight spokespersons that were proposed for the Total Peace negotiations, for which the Prosecutor’s Office suspended the arrest warrant against him. However, peace is built with acts of peace and not with acts of violence; It cannot be allowed to play with the desire of an entire country to advance in the construction of a Colombia World Power of Life and to make fun of the Government’s efforts to achieve peace.

As a congressman of the Historical Pact and a tireless worker, I support the actions that the government has been carrying out in search of Total Peace and the decisions that are made with this group outside the law. It is imperative to move forward to overcome the spiral of violence that plagues this country and especially to bring governance, opportunities and formalization to Bajo Cauca Antioqueño, which has suffered the consequences of war for decades.

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