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Alias ​​’Nando’ arrested in Pitalito, Huila for qualified and aggravated robbery

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Alias ​​’Nando’ arrested in Pitalito, Huila for qualified and aggravated robbery

On this occasion, police units managed to capture alias ‘Nando’ in the Porvenir neighborhood of Pitalito, Huila.

The actions implemented by Plan Cazador, led by the Huila Police Department, continue to give positive results in the fight against crime in the region.

Alias ​​’Nando’ was wanted by the authorities due to an arrest warrant issued by a court for the execution of sentences and security measures in Neiva.. The subject is wanted for the crime of qualified and aggravated theft consummated in homogeneous and successive competition, for events that occurred in 2017.

According to police reports, after a judicial process, alias ‘Nando’ was found guilty of the aforementioned crimes and sentenced to serve a sentence of 6 years in prison in a penitentiary and prison center.

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Colonel William Lara, commander of the Huila Police Department, emphasized that these actions are part of the authorities’ commitment to bring to justice those criminals with current arrest warrants, especially those who are repeat offenders in crimes that affect the community. community.

The Cazador Plan, which covers the 33 municipalities of the department, has been a fundamental tool in the fight against organized crime and has allowed the dismantling of criminal structures, providing greater security and tranquility to the inhabitants of the region.

Garzón arrested

In another isolated incident, thanks to the patrol work of the police quadrant and timely warning of citizens in the ‘El Rosario’ neighborhood of Garzón Huila, they managed to capture alias ‘migajas’ for damaging other people’s property.

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The uniformed officers immediately approached him and proceeded with the capture of the individual since he is accused of causing damage with a short sharp object to a moped in the diocesan capital of the department.

This incident apparently would have been an attempted theft by the person captured today, and he was also left at the disposal of the URI prosecutor on duty, to answer for the crime of damage to another’s property.

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