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Alias ​​Palomo captured, alleged member of the ELN in Arauca – news

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Alias ​​Palomo captured, alleged member of the ELN in Arauca – news

The Departmental Education Secretariat established through Resolution No. 3067 of 2023, the general school and academic calendar for 2024, for the Official and Non-Official Educational Establishments of the non-certified municipalities of the department of Arauca, which provide the public educational service at the levels Preschool, Basic and Middle School.

The calendar outlines the fulfillment of 40 teaching weeks, distributed in two semester periods, as follows:

FIRST SEMESTER SCHOOL PERIOD: From January 22 to June 16, 2024. Twenty (20) teaching weeks, excluding Holy Week which runs from March 25, 2024 to March 31, 2024.

SECOND SEMESTER SCHOOL PERIOD: From July 8 to December 1, 2024. Twenty (20) teaching weeks. Excluding the Fourth Week of Institutional Development from October 7 to 13, 2024.

Student holidays

The student recess would have a total of 12 weeks for official educational establishments, which they will be able to enjoy on the established dates.

Three (3) weeks: From January 1 to January 21, 2024

One (1) week: From March 25 to 31, 2024.

Three (3) weeks: From June 17 to July 7, 2024.

One (1) week: From October 7 to 13, 2024.

Four (4) weeks: From December 2 to 29, 2024.

Vacations for teaching managers and teachers

In this 2024 school calendar, teaching managers and teachers will have the right to seven (7) weeks, which will occur on the following dates:

Two (2) weeks: From January 1 to 14, 2024.

Two (2) weeks: From June 24 to July 7, 2024.

Three (3) weeks: from December 9 to 29, 2024.

Educational Establishments will include and develop within their ACADEMIC CALENDAR the “DAY OF EXCELLENCE and FAMILY DAY”, according to the date established by the Ministry of National Education for the period 2024.

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Academic calendar for private schools

In the case of non-official (private) Educational Establishments, they must adopt the necessary administrative measures to organize academic calendars that comply with the forty (40) weeks of minimum duration established, and report this information to the Directorate of Inspection and Surveillance of the Departmental Education Secretariat of Arauca, no later than the first week of the start of academic work with the students.

The Secretary of Departmental Education Marceliano Guerrero Alvarado, indicated that the successful completion of the 2024 academic calendar is expected next year and invited parents and/or caregivers to enroll their sons and daughters in public educational establishments where they will have with Programs that facilitate their access and permanence in the classrooms, such as food and school transportation services, which will be guaranteed from the first day of classes.

“It is important that all our boys, girls and adolescents in the department of Arauca are guaranteed the right to education, we from the departmental government call on parents and caregivers of minors to enroll them in time and They can complete the 40 school weeks from the first day and enjoy the entire school season,” said the Secretary of Departmental Education.

Source: Government of Arauca

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