Home News All 8 people in Shanghai tour group confirmed the source of the virus is unknown | 8 people diagnosed | China epidemic | Yinchuan

All 8 people in Shanghai tour group confirmed the source of the virus is unknown | 8 people diagnosed | China epidemic | Yinchuan

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[NTD News October 18, 2021, Beijing time]The epidemic in China is spreading again. Xi’an, Shaanxi, notified a group of 7 people from a Shanghai tour group that all were diagnosed. In addition, a Shanghai tourist from the group who went to Yinchuan was also diagnosed. At present, the source of the virus is still unclear.

The Shaanxi Health Commission reported that as of 7 am on October 18, Xi’an had 6 newly confirmed local cases, 1 local asymptomatic infection, and 7 people were tourists from Shanghai tour groups.

From the 17th, Xi’an has carried out nucleic acid tests for all employees overnight, and disinfected many tourist attractions.

In addition, Yinchuan City in Ningxia reported that a Shanghai tourist from the tour group who went to Yinchuan was also diagnosed. So far, all 8 members of the group have been diagnosed. (Click to watch the video)

According to official reports, the first confirmed diagnosis among the eight tourists was a couple of tourists. They were tested on the 15th while traveling in Jiayuguan, Gansu, and arrived in Xi’an by plane on the same day.

After that, the Jiayuguan side found that the mixed test result was suspiciously positive and notified Xi’an side. After the couple was tested again, the result was positive.

On the 18th, the news of the confirmed diagnosis of 8 members of the Shanghai tour group appeared on Weibo hot search, and the source of the virus is still unknown. At least 4 provinces and municipalities, including Ningxia, Xi’an, Gansu, and Shanghai, which the tour group passed through, urgently initiated epidemic prevention measures to investigate close contacts, and it is not ruled out that the epidemic spread further.

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Netizens suspect that there may be an epidemic in Shanghai, and it is possible that the 8 Shanghai tourists were not infected with the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19) during their travels.

Netizen Tiandao Chouqin_Ji: “Is it really suspected that the infection was caused during travel, or the source itself is the benchmark city (Shanghai) that claims to be precision epidemic prevention? It has always been doubtful that the Nanjing airport epidemic prevention accident has affected half of China, Shanghai Did the airport epidemic prevention accident not leak a bit?”

Long and short rises and falls: “Due to the long incubation period of the virus, the negative report of nucleic acid has turned positive after being reported in Shanghai. It does not fully explain that the infection was caused during the journey. The source of these infections is still a mystery.”

Zhang Jiasen_Leverage brother: “From 0:00 on October 17 to 7:00 on 18th, Shaanxi added 7 new cases of local positives, which belonged to the same tour group. A tourist who went to Yinchuan, Ningxia after traveling with the 7 people, also had a nucleic acid test Positive. So the place of origin is likely to be Shanghai, not Shaanxi!”

(Microblog screenshot)

In late August this year, local confirmed cases appeared at Shanghai Pudong Airport, but after that, Shanghai officials did not report any new local cases, saying that the new cases that continued to appear were all imported from abroad.

Some people from mainland China have revealed to NTDTV that local officials should bear the responsibility if the confirmed cases are local, and they can be exempted from punishment if they report that they are imported from abroad.

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(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Wen Hui)

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