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Alla Cima, family passion and tradition in the Unesco hills

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Alla Cima, family passion and tradition in the Unesco hills

Trattoria Alla Cima, the owner Isidoro Rebuli

Isidoro Rebuli has reduced the number of seats and created new tables: “To pamper customers and better describe these places”

VALDOBBIADENE. “We have reduced the number of seats and invented some unpublished ones, to pamper customers more and to better tell, especially to the many foreign tourists, the uniqueness of this landscape”. It is a choice that well expresses the character and passion of Isidoro Rebuli, patron of the Trattoria alla Cima di San Pietro di Barbozza. And that in recent years – thanks to the pandemic but also the proclamation of the Prosecco Superiore Hills as a Unesco World Heritage Site a little earlier – has made some substantial changes to its restaurant.

Trattoria Alla Cima, the staff

“We are in a wonderful place, with a panoramic terrace which is the strong point of the restaurant,” he explains. “But precisely because these hills are increasingly a destination for people from all over the world, curious and dedicated to experiential tourism, I wanted to raise the quality bar by decreasing the places available in our indoor and outdoor spaces by about 40%”. For customers this means greater privacy, distancing and attention, as well as some new suggestions, such as the tables among the vineyards where the dishes that have made the history of the place are served, appropriately told by the dedicated waiters. Or like the table for two, secluded, in the shade of a large apple tree with lanterns, cushions and even a swing, with a waiter who only takes care of it. Innovations that are creative investments and more, especially in a summer marked by the massive return of international tourism.

Trattoria Alla Cima, the chef Moreno Martin

Isidoro is convinced and satisfied: «The kitchen and dining brigades are more relaxed», he underlines, «and more focused both on the preparations and on the direct relationship with the customer. For this I am very grateful to my staff who have warmly welcomed the innovations, also declined in establishment more accurate and in many ideas aimed at the continuous improvement of our work ».

But these are not the only news for the Rebuli family, which in the summer of ’21 also inaugurated the 1815 Town Hall, a Boutique Hotel one kilometer away from the restaurant. An evolution and expansion in line with the family history, as Isidoro recalls: “My dad, who had inherited his passion for cooking and socializing from his mother Lorenza, started this job in 1958 in Treviso, with a bowling lover where served “cicchetti” made with products from the Valdobbiadenese. In 1959 he returned to the family home to inaugurate, with my mother Gabriella, this restaurant where he offered snacks, simple dishes and above all grilled meat, of which he has always been a specialist. Subsequently the offer evolved following the needs of the times, and in 1985 I entered the management, bringing new ideas and energies, while the affirmation of the territory on an international scale began.

Isidoro also affirms this in his three-term role as president of the Strada del Prosecco and Vini dei Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene: “We are working hard to ensure that the entire territory offers increasingly higher quality services, to honor the fame it has achieved. the enchantment in which we are lucky enough to live and work ». Even the chef Moreno Martini – for 6 years in charge of the kitchen after significant experiences in the area (alongside the unforgettable chef Mauro Fumei) and also in the East (for eight years) – appreciates the philosophy embraced by Isidoro and specifies: “Even if we have a the processing systems have changed a little, we have kept the basics of our kitchen unchanged. Which are: local and seasonal products, homemade pasta twice a week, fresh bread produced every day, meats selected and carved by us. And, above all, only express recipes that lead back to the “mothers” cuisine, to offer an authentic experience of local flavors and culture. I am also very happy to be at the head of a brigade of very good and willing young people who work with great passion: they are a good sign for the future ». A future that Isidoro hopes can also be chosen by his children: «We are a family business and it is therefore significant for me that my brother Stefano, after different experiences, has also returned to be part of it. And if my sons Antonio and Roberto – the first has completed their studies at the hotel school, the other is still busy with high school – want to continue in this activity, it will be my greatest joy. And it will certainly be for grandfather Antonio too ».

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