Home News Alluvione Marche, farewell to Noemi: “Continue to live in our hearts”

Alluvione Marche, farewell to Noemi: “Continue to live in our hearts”

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Alluvione Marche, farewell to Noemi: “Continue to live in our hearts”

BARBARA – Noemi she was a girl full of life, happy to have understood that she could trust Jesus “: this is one of the passages of the homily delivered by the bishop of Senigallia, monsignor Francesco Manenti, in sketching the memory of the 17-year-old girl overwhelmed and killed by the flood of the Nevola stream, on the night of September 15th. “A girl who sang the praises of the Lord every Sunday, reassured by her friendship with her – the bishop recalled, addressing her brother Simone and her friends in Barbara’s church.

“Keeping this memory, not as one guards an object, but as one cultivates a memory that indicates a path to one’s life, Noemi will continue to live in our hearts and we will continue to feel her sister and friend of our journey”, concluded the bishop.

Noemi Bartolucci she was very active in parish life, every Sunday she accompanied the songs on the guitar. While the funeral mass is in progress, the search for the 17-year-old’s mother continues, Brunella Chiu, 56, the only person who is still missing. There are 12 confirmed victims of the flood.

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