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Almost one in four reveals the password to the partner

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A question of trust: Almost one in four people pass on their smartphone PIN to a permanent relationship – including more men than women. This is shown by a joint survey by the comparison portal Verivox and the dating app Parship.

More generosity in men and in the country

23 percent of all respondents gave their last steady partner the PIN code to unlock their smartphone. The willingness to reveal the code hardly decreases with age: 22 percent of older people aged 60 and over revealed that they had revealed the PIN in their last steady relationship. Men are slightly more generous than women: 25 percent gave their last steady partner the access code for their cell phone, compared to only 21 percent of women.

Those who live in a big city (100,000 or more inhabitants) act more cautiously than people who live in rural areas: 28 percent of the inhabitants of smaller towns (up to 10,000 inhabitants) said that they had already given away their PIN in a steady relationship – compared to only 19 percent of city dwellers.

The smartphone PIN opens up access to various sensitive areas on the device, because not all apps and services are protected with separate passwords. Thus, for example, messages and chat histories can be read and also changed. “Giving a person access to a cell phone speaks for a high degree of trust,” says Verena Bloche, Telecommunications Editor-in-Chief at Verivox. That should be well thought out.”

Social media passwords are less likely to be revealed

Most people are more careful with the access data for services like Facebook or Instagram. Only 8 percent revealed the passwords to a social media account in their last serious relationship. Here, too, men are more open (10 percent); only 7 percent of women revealed a social media password to their last partner. As with the smartphone PIN, all age groups are similarly generous, with city dwellers again being more tight-lipped than villagers or small town dwellers.

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In May 2023, Parship and Verivox asked a total of 676 Parship members aged 18 and over online: Thinking back to your last long-term relationship, which of the following did you share with your then-partner? My partner knew…

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