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‘Alphabetízate’ project reached 785 young people and adults from Cesar

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‘Alphabetízate’ project reached 785 young people and adults from Cesar

In alliance with the Cesar Compensation Fund, Comfacesar, Drummond Ltd. delivered certifications to 785 illiterate youth and adults from the municipalities of Agustín Codazzi, Becerril, Bosconia, Chiriguaná, El Copey, El Paso and La Jagua de Ibirico, who learned the areas of literacy and mathematics through the ‘Alphabetízate’ project.

“As part of the company’s strategic vision, Drummond Ltd. has committed to different projects that accompany the entire educational route. In this case, with the Literacy with Drummond project, which is aimed at people over 14 years of age, 785 certifications were delivered to young people and adults who, due to different circumstances, did not know how to read and write,” commented Amalí Blanco Bohórquez, coordinator of social responsibility projects of Drummond Ltd.

With a ceremony full of many emotions, the diplomas and honorable mentions were presented to the graduating students, who after a year of effort and dedication achieved the long-awaited title.

“I want to thank God and Drummond for considering us with such a large and valuable project. They trained us to move forward and this benefits us a lot,” said Marlene Orozco Molina, beneficiary of the project, who resides in the La Guajirita village of the municipality of Becerril.

For his part, Carlos Pacheco Aroca, another of the project participants, mentioned: “Thanks to Comfacesar and Drummond for providing us with this beautiful program that helped many of us get ahead. We learned to read and write, which was something we didn’t know. “I am very grateful to these two companies.”

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With this, the fifth phase of the ‘Alfabetízate’ project is completed in the municipalities of the mining company’s area of ​​influence, leaving as a result men and women with basic knowledge, which will allow them to have better development in their daily lives.

At the end of the ceremony, Wilber Mejía Navarro, coordinator of the Comfacesar Alfabetízate project, highlighted: “This is a source of pride for us and for the participants, since we managed to certify a large proportion of students through a flexible methodology, achieving the purpose of learning to read and write, in addition to basic notions in mathematics and other areas. “We manage to provide required skills and abilities thanks to literacy.”

With these initiatives, Drummond Ltd. continues to demonstrate its commitment to the communities in its area of ​​influence, always believing that with education a transformation of the territory can be achieved. Today, there are already 3,000 literate Caesarians.

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