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Alto Paraná does not have a presence on the ANR list for the Senate

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Alto Paraná does not have a presence on the ANR list for the Senate
The departure of Roberto González Vaesken from the red list to the Senate was an important subtraction for Alto Paraná to have a better representation in Parliament.

In the ANR list for the Senate there is no candidacy that can be said to really represent the interests of Alto Paraná, because the only one that remains on the payroll after Governor Roberto González Vaesken “dismounted” last January, senator Javier Zacarías Irún, now lacks political validity in the department and would not even have enough votes for the “rekutu”.

Zacarías Irún is located in option 24 on the list, out of a total of 45, which would be difficult for him to trace back and could even fall further, due to the existence of other candidacies with a better image among national voters and who should bring a renewal in the colored list.

Had he remained on the ANR list, Vaesken was practically the number 15 option, taking into account that the Colorado party could win up to 20 seats in the April 30 elections.

Also, none of the other red candidacies are representative of Alto Paraná, but of the capital and other departments, so it could be said that the departure of González Vaesken implied a significant subtraction for the department to have a greater presence in Parliament, through the current governor who became a parliamentarian.

González Vaesken’s determination to exclude himself from the senatorial list by the Colorado Party was due, according to some political sources close to the governor, to the lack of support from the Chartist electoral leadership to face a national campaign with chances of success.

This, despite the fact that Vaesken was one of the most prestigious figures on the payroll and that the election would have been practically assured due to the recognized successful management carried out in his five years of administration in the governorship.

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Problems at the top of the ANR

Vaesken insinuated, in a public statement, that his resignation from the candidacy would be related to “the latest political events”, such as the lack of real unity in the leadership of the ANR between the Honor Colorado and Fuerza Republicana movements.

It must be remembered that the governor had left the abdist ruling party last year to join the Colorado Honor Chartist list as a candidate for the Senate, because he also has a good opinion of the ANR candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Santi Peña.

He added that “for the peace of mind of the comrades, I am staying in the governor’s office to continue working all together.”

He thus implied that he preferred not to leave the governorship, where he must also put administrative issues in order for the subsequent transfer to the new governor’s leadership.

Vaesken also assured that “we are going to help the candidates of the Colorado party so that they can arrive,” according to what he wrote in the governor’s WhatsApp group.

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