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Amarildo Correa Obando, environmental administrator, is the new director of the CRC – news

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Amarildo Correa Obando, environmental administrator, is the new director of the CRC – news

In the government of Elías Larrahondo Carabalí, he serves as Secretary of Education and Culture of the department.

The Board of Directors of the CRC in an extraordinary session elected Amarildo Correa Obando, as the new general director of that environmental Corporation, for the institutional period between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2027.

Correa Obando is an environmental and natural resources administrator from the Santo Tomás University, Master in intercultural studies from the University of Cauca, with more than 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors. He was councilor of the municipalities of Patía and Balboa, mayor of Balboa, director of the Corporation of Black Communities of southern Cauca, secretary of Government of the Department of Cauca, currently serving as secretary of Education and Culture of the department of Cauca.

The Board of Directors of the CRC, chaired by Governor Larrahondo, and made up of Gustavo Wilches Chaux (representative of the Presidency of the Republic); Harrinson Cuero Campaz (representative of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – ​​MADS); Juan Cristóbal Velasco (representative of the private sector); Diego Llanos Arboleda (private sector representative); Silvia Liliana Vela Galíndez (ESAL representative); Alba Alicia Roja Vélez (ESAL representative); Ancízar Majín Tintinago (representative of Indigenous Communities); Edilson Gómez Balanta (Black Communities representative); Víctor Raúl Bonilla (representative of the Central Zone mayors); Wanner Suárez Montilla (mayor representative of the Pacific/Eastern Zone); James Eduardo Medina (representative of mayors of the Northern Zone) and Orbey Fuentes Ortega (representative of mayors of the Southern Zone), chose between Amarildo Correa Obando and Edward Mina Carabalí, with the vote being 7-5 in favor of Correa. The governor abstained from voting.

Amarildo Correa succeeds engineer Yesid González Duque as director of the CRC, a position he held for two terms and has just been elected executive director of Asocars.

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A great challenge awaits the new director of the CRC, facing environmental issues of special importance, not only for the department, but for the country, such as combating illegal mining that is destroying rivers, some of which have already disappeared; the deforestation caused by crops for illicit use and the processing of alkaloids, whose harmful substances have contaminated streams and rivers. It is not just appointing and managing bureaucracy.

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