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Ambra Angiolini accused by Silvia Slitti for the house contract

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Ambra Angiolini accused by Silvia Slitti for the house contract

Two well-known women in Milan and beyond – one is an event organizer and wedding planner, as well as the wife of a former footballer who played in both Inter and Milan, and the other a TV presenter, actress and singer – a house disputed between owner and tenant and social networks to act as a sounding board: these are the ingredients of the story, “unpleasant from a personal point of view even before legal” as she herself defined it, denounced via Instagram by Silvia Slitti, wife of Giampaolo Pazzini. The other protagonist is Ambra Angiolini – never explicitly mentioned, but repeatedly evoked through unintelligible clues – that it has been illegally occupying the Milanese house of Slitti for months, given that the rental contract expired last June.

“It is a situation that makes me feel bad, that makes me feel helpless and therefore frustrated – wrote the wedding planner in the stories, venting with her 105 thousand followers – But above all very nervous and I would say also demoralized towards the human being ” woman ‘, which I have always considered very capable of reasoning and doing the right thing “. As mentioned, the object of the dispute is the house that Silvia Slitti and her husband bought in Milan – one of those “for which you also choose the bathroom tiles and the flowers on the terrace. A few steps from her office, near the friends of the son, a terrace full of candles and frames with pictures of beautiful memories “- and then reluctantly left to move temporarily to live in a seaside resort during the pandemic.

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Hence the decision to “rent that beloved house for 10 months, only 10 months, to a person who needed a favor” continues the story of Slitti on Instagram, where it is also specified that the person in question is “known to the big screen, boasted years and years of conducting, cinema, music, an illustrious past and a reputation always defended with the sword. ” Reasons why the Pazzinis felt at ease “in entrusting her with a piece of heart”. After the ten months stipulated in the contract, however, the owners discovered that repossessing their home would not be so simple: “The house would never be vacated, until the person who lived there had decided to leave. as if it were his “continues Silvia Slitti. The repeated attempts at dialogue by the Pazzini spouses have fallen on deaf ears, colliding with “a wall made up of legal positions, silences, indifference and lack of empathy, while the person in question manifests serenity, joy and smiles on TV”.

Just that publicly ostentatious calm by the now abusive tenant hurts and irritates Slitti more, who is forced to stay in the hotel every time he is in Milan for work and to see his son pining for his room and for the games he has there. left. At the end of the long story – all in the third person – the wedding planner revealed to the followers that she was the protagonist of the story, asking for their opinion. And it is precisely through the answers to the hundreds of questions received that the allusions to Ambra Angiolini arrive, currently among the judges of the new edition of “X Factor”: in fact, someone asks if the song “And if I promise then keep” (verse taken from the song “T’appartengo” by Ambra) is a clue and Slitti replies with the image of an avatar who covers his mouth while letting guess a smile. And to those who ask if the tenant is “a juror of the X Abusivetor”, the answer is that “at this moment in my house music is at home”. A difficult situation, for which “I am sad (very much) from a human point of view, but happy to have seen such closeness on your part” explains Silvia Slitti to the followers, assuring that “I continue to fight for justice”.

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