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American Nurse Kidnapped in Haiti Finds Strength in Christian Song ‘See a Victory’

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American Nurse Kidnapped in Haiti Finds Strength in Christian Song ‘See a Victory’

American Nurse and Daughter Freed After Being Kidnapped in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Last week, an American nurse, Alix Dorsainvil, and her young daughter were freed after being held captive for nearly two weeks. The kidnapping took place at gunpoint from the campus of a Christian-run school near the capital. Dorsainvil has now revealed that a Christian song called “See a Victory” became her rallying cry during the ordeal.

Dorsainvil, who hails from New Hampshire, expressed her gratitude for the support and prayers she received during and after her time in captivity in a message posted on her website by El Roi Haiti, the Christian aid organization founded by her husband. She stated, “I am completely humbled by the outpouring of support and prayer for me and my sweet baby, both during and after our time in captivity.”

The nurse also credited her faith in God for helping her through the harrowing experience. She said, “God was very present in the fire with us, and I pray that when he finds the words to tell our story, the mighty name of Jesus will be glorified and many people will come to know his love.”

During the most difficult moments of her captivity, Dorsainvil found solace in a Christian song called “See a Victory” by the North Carolina music collective, Elevation Worship. She stated, “There’s a part that says, ‘Take what the enemy thought to be evil and turn it into good.'”

This incident sheds light on the growing issue of gang warfare in Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021. Criminal control in the country has worsened, leading to an increase in murder, rape, and kidnapping for ransom. According to a local nonprofit organization, there have been 539 documented kidnappings since January, which marks a significant rise compared to previous years.

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It remains unclear if a ransom was paid in the Dorsainvil case. Both El Roi Haiti and US officials have not provided further details, and the Haitian National Police have yet to respond to requests for comment.

The release of Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter brings hope amidst the ongoing crisis in Haiti. The international community continues to call for stronger measures to curb gang violence and ensure the safety of all Haitian citizens.

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