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An alliance for sustainable tourism

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An alliance for sustainable tourism

On February 28, in a meeting with the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MINCIT), ProColombia and WWF Colombia, Airbnb announced the launch of “Colombia Biodiversa”, a campaign that promotes local and sustainable tourism. This initiative invites Colombians and foreign visitors to discover new destinations within the country, promoting responsible tourism experiences and activities that contribute to the well-being of local communities by supporting their economic development.

The Vice Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bravo, highlighted that “this campaign promotes domestic tourism to places that have everything to discover, and this meeting is a good example of the public-private cooperation work that we are doing in the national government to enhance Colombia.” , the Country of Beauty and preserve its natural and cultural wealth.

This new campaign, with its new destinations, reflects the institutions’ commitment to promoting culture, publicizing local customs and highlighting gastronomy. For this reason, this initiative highlights two routes. The first, called Jungles and Sacred Plains, begins the tour through the green heart of the world: the Amazon, and passes through places such as San Vicente del Caguán, Florencia, San José de Fragua, Puerto Limón, Villagarzón, Puerto Caicedo, Putumayo and Caquetá . A region of magical landscapes, where it is possible to try Amazonian fruits such as arazá, cocona, copoazú and jagua.

The second, called The Greater Colombian Caribbean, runs through one end of the north of the country. It starts in La Guajira, and crosses some places such as Palomino, Santa Marta, Minca, Aracataca, Cartagena and Isla Fuerte. The exuberant vegetation, the diversity of its birds, mammals, reptiles and fish, in addition to its incredible natural landscapes that have beaches, corals and unique mangroves, invite people to discover a region full of colors.

Establishing these biodiverse routes was also possible thanks to the collaboration of WWF Colombia, a global conservation organization, with which, through an alliance, it seeks to stimulate trips that promote the well-being of local communities, promote biodiversity and care for the environment. in these undiscovered regions. Colombia “Biodiverse Routes” will not only promote these destinations, but will provide information for travelers including maps and relevant places to visit in each destination, in addition to sharing tips and recommendations to do so in a sustainable way and respecting the community.

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“Sustainable and regenerative tourism is a powerful tool for the conservation and sustainable use of nature, cultural appreciation and generation of economic income for human well-being when carried out equitably. Initiatives like this, which prioritize well-managed, planned and designed tourism based on sustainability principles, can promote the conservation of natural areas and support sustainable livelihoods for communities that depend on this activity. Likewise, we highlight the determination of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism to strengthen sustainable tourism and we make available our experience and knowledge so that tourism and nature conservation go hand in hand with the purpose of providing greater well-being for communities and the planet,” said Sandra Valenzuela, Executive Director of WWF Colombia.

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