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An Anhui man was kicked and slapped during a make-up class, the official released a follow-up notice on the situation

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Original Title: A man in Anhui Province was kicked and slapped in a make-up class, officially released a follow-up notice

Recently, our county has attracted the attention of netizens due to a video of “Hangshan investigating and punishing remedial classes” on the Internet. The County Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters has issued a “Statement” on the relevant situation, and the follow-up relevant situation is hereby notified as follows:

After preliminary investigation, the remedial organization is “Hanshan Qingcong Education Consulting Co., Ltd.”, the legal representative is Wang (the wife of “Teacher” Jia in the video), and the company’s business scope is educational information consulting services (excluding profitable private education and training) , No school permit, offline training courses are illegally operated, and suspected of false admissions; for profit, the institution gathers students in a confined space during the epidemic prevention and control period to make up classes without any protective measures, and on August 5 After being ordered by the community to shut down in the morning and I promised to shut down, he went back and continued to open classes in the afternoon, seriously violating the relevant ban on epidemic prevention and control; in the video, the “teacher” Jia Mou is neither an in-service teacher nor a teacher qualification certificate. Relevant county departments have filed a case for investigation of violations of laws and regulations by the institution and related personnel.

In the on-site disposal, the community worker Wang faced Jia’s resistance to inspection and refused to open the door. He was not calm and irrational, and the handling method was simple and rude; community worker Li did not wear a mask as required for epidemic prevention. In response to the above behavior, Wang was given a warning within the party, and Li was given an admonishment to deal with the conversation.

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In the next step, Hanshan County will strictly implement relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, earnestly learn from experience and lessons, and standardize various work behaviors. Netizens are welcome to supervise the county’s epidemic prevention and control work.

Propaganda Department of CPC Hanshan County Party Committee

August 8, 2021

Source: Issued by the People’s Government of Hanshan County

Editor in charge: Wang Shanshan


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