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An anthology from Feltre: twenty-seven works in the Rizzarda gallery

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An anthology from Feltre: twenty-seven works in the Rizzarda gallery

New staging in the room dedicated to Silvio Guarnieri at the Rizzarda di Feltre Gallery. Twenty-seven works signed by Feltre painters of the twentieth century now make a fine show of themselves in the exhibition that will be open to visitors during the opening hours of the Gallery, ie from Friday to Sunday in the morning and afternoon and on festive dates, such as today. Tancredi Parmeggiani, Bruno Milano, Walter Resentera, Gianni Palminteri, Romano Ocri, Vittore Bonsembiante, Gianpiero Facchin, Renato Soppelsa and Rino D’Ambros sign the masterpieces that also come from significant private donations.

“In light of the project to enhance our museum heritage”, explained the municipal councilor with responsibility for culture, Samuele Spada, “being able to host these Feltre works in the Guarnieri room makes luster both to the Rizzarda Gallery itself and to the donations received from some fellow citizens who care about sharing our artistic heritage. Moreover, beyond being local signatures, the names of the authors are national and international ”.

Tiziana Casagrande, curator of the Feltre museums, smiles at the continuous implementation of the cultural proposal that Feltre intends to give both to its fellow citizens and to those who come into view of the city. «It is a piece that adds to the design of the Rizzarda Gallery. In 2008 we had opened a room dedicated to the authors of the territory on the top floor of the same building. For some years, however, it was no longer available, as it had rightly given way to the collection of Venetian Nasci – Franzoia glass. This is why we have chosen to move the local set-up to the ground floor of the structure. Now on display there is a roundup of artists who have brought prestige to the art of Feltre, in particular between the 1930s and 1960s. Let’s go from Tancredi Parmeggiani’s “Matter – Light” to some portraits of artists known to him, then passing through painters and sculptors ».

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Casagrande then highlights how the room “is ready to welcome further new donations, like the very latest received, such as the recently acquired one from the Bonsembiante sisters”.

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