Home News An army of 676 candidates in the 12 Belluno municipalities to vote

An army of 676 candidates in the 12 Belluno municipalities to vote

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An army of 676 candidates in the 12 Belluno municipalities to vote

In Feltre and Belluno the challenge over two rounds, even in Cortina a double preference is possible

BELLUNO. Six hundred and seventy-six candidates running for twelve bands as mayor and 158 city council seats. It is an electoral turn heavy in numbers and crucial for political significance, that of June 12 in the Belluno area. The capital goes to the vote, with a shuffling of papers that sees the outgoing administration divided between a broad center-left civic coalition that supports Vignato together with the opposing Pd for ten years, and support for the deputy mayor Olivotto who runs for himself. The center-right is united in the name of De Pellgrin, with civic and party lists. Feltre goes to vote, where the outgoing center-left has organized a relay for Zatta, the center-right is a composite grouping around Fusaro and Forlin, who greeted the League to run, and Paolo Serrangeli, leader of an unprecedented team anarchist. And Cortina goes to vote, called to choose the administration that will manage the Olympics: it is no coincidence that there are four challengers and who aim for the mayoral chair and 43 candidates for the council of Corso Italia, an unprecedented crowd in the Ampezzo valley.

The electoral competitions in other locations, however, are far from crowded, where there is only one list in the race and the opponent to beat is the quorum lowered to 40%. In Fonzaso Christian Pasa, in Tambre Sara Bona, in Cesiomaggiore Carlo Zanella and in Rivamonte Nino Deon, they will all have to contend with the quorum. Even in Auronzo, until late yesterday morning, there was only one list deposited, that of Dario Vecellio Galeno. With the arrival of the list of the outgoing mayor Tatiana Pais Becher before the stroke of noon, however, the elections in the shadow of the Three Peaks have been secured from the risk of commissioner.

All in one day, except for ballots

Voting is only on Sunday 12, from 7 to 23. As always, the voter must bring with them a valid identity document and the electoral card which, in case of loss (or if it should be complete, without spaces available for new stamps) request to the municipal electoral office which will issue a new one, even during the entire election day. In the ten smaller municipalities the challenge is all in that one call to the polls, which is resolved with the counting of the votes on Monday afternoon. Belluno and Feltre, on the other hand, may have to reopen their seats after two weeks: the ballot starts if there is no aspiring mayor who has collected an absolute majority already in the first round. Separate voting is also allowed in the two cities.

The preference votes

In Belluno, Feltre and Cortina, up to two preferences can be expressed among aspirants to the municipal council, with gender alternation. It means that whoever wants to indicate two people will have to choose between candidates of different sexes (but obviously from the same list), otherwise the second preference will be canceled. In the other nine municipalities, only one indication is possible. In order not to be mistaken, just look at how many lines there are next to the chosen list symbol, one or two: for each of them you can write only one name.

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