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An astrologer about the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton Louis

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An astrologer about the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton Louis

Prince Louis, the youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, often makes headlines for his cheeky and playful demeanor, whether grimacing at a large family event or covering his ears with his hands and looking slightly offended during Trooping the Color as warplanes fly over Buckingham Palace .


Louis, who turns six the other day, is certainly prone to mischief, as are many children his age. But, it seems, his character was predicted by the stars, writes hellomagazine.com.

According to the words Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frankthe young prince is “disinclined to be a sheep in the flock.”

“Prince Louis, like his sister Princess Charlotte and his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, is a Taurus sun sign,” explains Debbie. — However, Louis was born to be a self-sufficient individual. His natal chart does not follow the astrological plan usually associated with the stable, prudent sign of Taurus. Louie’s Taurus qualities overlap with Uranus, the planet of “wild” children, which was located close to his Sun at the time of his birth. This means that he is not inclined to be a sheep in the herd (in this case, to follow royal protocol). He will most likely add some mischief and destruction to the mix. As the third child of the Prince and Princess of Wales, following Prince George, the heir, and Princess Charlotte, the “spare,” Louis has a certain poetic license to pursue a slightly different life purpose than his sibling. And that’s good, because he wants to do things his way. And he has a wayward streak.”

The astrologer also added that Louis is a breath of fresh air for some supporters of the royal family, and it is easier for people to accept the rigid and stable royal way of life.

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In her opinion, the boy is so attractive, playful, cheeky and completely himself that people fall in love with his court jester antics. He’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, even though he openly bickers with his parents at royal events. It sounds like Louis is the only one of Princess Kate’s three children who might test her cold-blooded nature.

“Undoubtedly, Louis’ determined Mars in Capricorn creates quite a frisson with Kate’s Sun in the same sign. He is the only person who can make her lose her temper! Kate is very self-disciplined and taming her little tiger cub is a real challenge for her.” – concluded the astrologer.

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