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An old ski along the path to remember Tonino Zampieri

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BELLUNO. An old yellow ski planted next to the trail. And some edelweiss where Tonino Zampieri died in August. With the arrival of winter, we return to talk about the ski museum, in honor of the well-known photographer and administrator of Belluno condominiums. The current location of the museum in via Gabelli will still be useful for a couple of years, but then we think of a permanent space, inside Longarone Fiere. A corner capable of accommodating at least a part of the five thousand pairs currently stored in a warehouse in the Sagrogna district.

The director of the operation was the Brescia-born Danilo Comincini of Salvasci Dolomiti, who is waiting for the go-ahead from the exhibition body, to move everything that can be done and named after Zampieri: “Tonino’s wife has extended the ‘rent in via Gabelli, where we have arranged a thousand in 200 square meters “, explains Comincini,” but we are already thinking about the new location, thanks also to the collaboration of Dolomiticert. It will not be an immediate move, but we hope to have this new accommodation for what has always been one of our greatest passions ».

There are many collectors. And they put together an important heritage, with even precious pieces, which now needs a new home, which indelibly remembers the 65-year-old from Belluno: «We are talking about it and we hope to be able to get to the bottom of this initiative. It will be necessary to make a selection, because it is unthinkable to transfer all the skis, but all the models of higher quality and value will certainly find space. Others, on the other hand, are not all that precious. The ski museum was Tonino Zampieri’s dream and we will certainly be happy. Meanwhile, we always remember him with great affection. His spirit did not leave us that cursed day when unfortunately he fell between Ponte Mariano and Case Bortot ». –

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