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Analysis of large-scale shelters built in various places: or preparing for a major outbreak | Clearing | Quarantine | Concentration camps

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Analysis of large-scale shelters built in various places: or preparing for a major outbreak | Clearing | Quarantine | Concentration camps

[The Epoch Times, November 23, 2022](Epoch Times reporters Xia Song and Luo Ya interviewed and reported) The Omicron virus strain with strong transmission power and weak toxicity is spreading in China. On the 17th, the National Health and Medical Commission of the Communist Party of China asked all localities to prepare for the shelter hospitals in advance. Recently, large-scale construction of square cabins in various places has aroused public doubts.

Experts said that the shelter basically does not provide medical support, and randomly detains asymptomatic people, becoming a disguised concentration camp. Some analysts also believe that the CCP’s large-scale construction of shelters is preparing for the outbreak of the epidemic in winter and spring. The CCP’s dynamic clearing cannot go on, and secretly wants to go with the virus coexistence mode.

The construction of large-scale square cabins in various places has aroused public doubts

On November 17, the land media “Caixin.com” reported on its Weibo public account that the National Health and Medical Commission of the Communist Party of China requires all localities to rely on some existing large venues, such as convention centers and stadiums, to prepare shelters in advance. The preparation of the hospital maximizes the use of daily medical resources. Various places have started to build large-scale shelter hospitals.

The official media “Beijing Evening News” reported on its Weibo public account that the spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China said at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control today (23rd) that the new Guozhan mild case hospital has been put into use for To prevent overturning in the comment section, “Beijing Evening News” opened a selection of comments.

Recently, a large number of tents have been set up in Sun Palace Park in Beijing, which has attracted public attention. The “Beijing News” “refuted the rumors” on its Weibo public account today, saying that the relevant person in charge of the Taiyanggong area said that these tents are for emergency use of epidemic prevention and control, not for medical treatment, let alone shelters. For example, when a closed control community needs to build a temporary resting place for volunteers, the tent can be moved there as a whole.

In this regard, netizens left messages mocking, “It can live in people and rest. In fact, it can also be used as a square cabin, but I just can’t admit it”; “Fold the tent, set it up in advance, and move it directly, okay…” Moving there? Isn’t this full of food? Can you believe what you say”; “Now as long as the official speaks up, everyone will know it’s a lie, okay?”

China News Weekly” reported on its WeChat official account on the 15th that the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission stated that as of the 14th, Guangzhou had opened a total of 6 square cabin hospitals with more than 20,000 beds and more than 4,000 medical staff. For isolation of asymptomatic infected persons.

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Some netizens commented, “It takes so much manpower, material and financial resources to build a shelter, why not just stay at home?”; “If the hardware facilities of the shelter hospital are not improved, it will become a terrible prison. !” “Let us go! Learn from Shijiazhuang as soon as possible.”

Netizen “myh” posted a post about the Fangcai Hospital under construction in Wanqingsha Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, and taunted, “Witness the speed of Guangzhou, 15 days (estimated) 15 days, 87,000 beds, Guangzhou Nansha Wanqingsha Fangcai Hospital has rapidly forming!”

Prior to this, Liu Ping, a Weibo celebrity with an IP address in Guangzhou, posted a blog post on the 19th to question, “There is only one severe case among the 30,000 infected people in Guangzhou. According to this ratio, even if 20 million people are infected at the same time, there are only a few hundred severe cases.” , an ordinary hospital can accommodate them, why build a 300,000-square-meter square cabin hospital at a time, I really don’t know what to do.”

In fact, Guangzhou has built 7 shelters in 6 districts and the neighboring city of Qingyuan. The land media “Sina News” reported today (23rd) that Guangzhou has built 7 health stations and shelter hospitals in Nansha District, Zengcheng District, Huangpu District, Baiyun District, Tianhe District, Huadu District and Qingyuan City, covering an area of A total of over 1.04 million square meters, can provide over 100,000 beds.

A video posted online by a netizen on November 21 shows that the square cabin hospital in Guang’an, Sichuan is almost invisible and huge. A netizen said, “The largest square cabin in Guang’an, people from Sichuan and other cities in Chongqing live in it.”

A netizen yesterday (22nd) also posted a message from Tianjin Fangcang Hospital, “Tianjin Meijiang Fangcang Hospital is ready!”

Expert: Shutdown of asymptomatic people in square cabins at will turns into concentration camps in disguise

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, an American virology expert and former director of the Department of Virology at the U.S. Army Research Institute, told The Epoch Times today that the CCP authorities must prepare shelters in advance and minimize the use of daily medical resources. In fact, the square cabin isolation basically does not provide medical support, and it has completely become a place where asymptomatic people are detained at will.

“The government doesn’t care about the possible cross-infection of asymptomatic or mild symptoms,” he said, “the judgment of asymptomatic people does not require the intervention of medical staff from any medical institution, but the highly biased and abused nucleic acid test results, It is the only criterion for judging. Therefore, governments at all levels only need to control the right to interpret nucleic acid test results, and they can control or even deprive ordinary people of their personal freedom at will.”

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He said, “The square cabin is actually a concentration camp in disguise. Anyone who encounters basic diseases in the shelter will have more difficulty getting timely treatment. Therefore, more people will only be sent to the shelter hospital and other diseases will aggravate. , or cannot receive due daily medical support, and become critically ill or even die.”

Lin Xiaoxu said that the Omicron variant is less pathogenic than the influenza virus, but the government ignored the actual situation. Therefore, under the guise of scientific epidemic prevention, the CCP further established a large number of concentration camps in Chinese society, and further promoted the practice and experience of establishing a large number of concentration camps in Xinjiang to the whole country.

Persist in zeroing out and prepare for a major outbreak and isolation in advance

A mainland lawyer who did not want to be named told the Epoch Times reporter that the construction of square cabins in various places is likely because they expected that the epidemic would break out in winter, and they did not want to cancel the zero-clearing policy, so they prepared for the outbreak and quarantine in advance.

He said, “At present, hundreds of people in our community are taken away for isolation. Not only are positive people taken away, but close contacts are also taken away. For example, if neighbors are infected, they are all taken away through big data. In addition, this (quarantine) ) can make money, and industrialization has already begun. The people below are willing to do it, and this has become a disaster.”

Zhang Hai, a victim of the Wuhan epidemic, also believes that since the authorities have spent money to build shelters, they must send people in. Otherwise, the money has been used, how can I explain it to the higher authorities? That’s why there are some places that even pay people to bring people into the shelter.

Some people in Henan posted a post saying, “Now the community has subsidy for negative people (entering the cabin), and the subsidy is 3,500 (yuan) per person. After the shelter is built, the number of people must be gathered. It will not be unsealed, nor will it be allowed out. Can’t even go to work.”

(provided by respondents)

Zhang Hai said, “Those who have the right to decide to build the shelter, including the shelter itself, have interests. In the three years of the epidemic, those who do nucleic acid testing, sell masks, and sell protective clothing have all made a fortune. The investment in building the shelter is also huge. It’s huge, at least the cost should be recovered.”

Analysis: The CCP is preparing to coexist with the virus at the speed of the spread of Dajianfang’s cabin pressure?

On the 11th, the CCP released the “Twenty Measures” for epidemic prevention, which the outside world believes is a relaxation of control measures. Zheng Xuguang, a scholar of Chinese origin, told The Epoch Times that there are two parts in the 20 articles, one is to deregulate, and the other is to deal with large-scale epidemics. To this end, the authorities need to make four preparations – increasing the number of intensive care beds in inpatient wards, medical staff, and preparing emergency medicines and vaccines.

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Large-scale construction of shelters in various places is also preparing for a large-scale epidemic, because the cost of building shelters is low. There is a time period for vaccination, and it cannot be given for 3 consecutive days. The preparation of medical staff is not easy, and the cost of ICU intensive care beds is also very expensive.

He said, “One week after Article 20 was released, the number of cases doubled. Although the CCP’s reports are always false, the number of infections cannot be suppressed. If there is no testing, there will be no one. No testing or reducing testing is one way. In the past three years, the energy has been devoted to dynamic clearing and nucleic acid testing, and these four need to make up lessons, and at the same time, if they are not kept up, they will collapse.”

Zheng Xuguang believes that the National Health Commission of the Communist Party of China cannot say that it is co-existing with the virus, but its real goal is to co-exist with the virus. Therefore, Dajian shelter hospitals in various places are trying to flatten the infection peaks in winter and spring. Whoever is infected will be sent to the shelter hospitals, which can suppress the transmission speed.

If we insist on dynamic clearing, China will not be able to get out of the epidemic for decades. The virus keeps mutating, and the whole society keeps getting zero. Send people to quarantine, and come back when they are negative. Once they relax, another part becomes positive again. Sooner or later, everyone will be infected again. But there are still variants, this matter is not over yet, logically they can only coexist.

He said, “There is always a price to be paid for strategic mistakes in epidemic prevention and control. How to pay? Looking at it now, it is still the way of excessive control. In this case, the economic price is very, very high. Just look at people jumping off buildings everywhere There are many.”

“Indicators should have shifted from infection rate to severe case rate, death rate, and hospitalization rate long ago, but because of political obstacles, there is no way to deny the slogan of dynamic zeroing.” The will, not the scientific program and experience of the scientist.”

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