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Analysis: Peng Shuai and Gu Ailing both have an “invisible chain” | Eight children | Naturalized athletes | Freedom of speech

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[Epoch Times, February 13, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yujie comprehensive report) Since the Beijing Winter Olympics, the “eight-child mother” incident in Xuzhou, the mainland, tennis player Peng Shuai, and Gu Ailing, who won the Winter Olympics gold medal for China, have attracted much attention. Some analysts said recently that the three women had different fates, but they were all under the control of the CCP.

Radio Free Asia published an analysis article on February 11, saying that Zhang Jing, the founder of Chinese women’s rights who has been engaged in the feminist movement for a long time, described that not only the eight-child mothers in Fengxian County have shackles on their necks, but also Peng Shuai and Gu Ailing’s necks. Invisible chains”, which is why Gu Ailing deliberately avoided sensitive points when talking about Peng Shuai and his nationality.

Peng Shuai broke the news on Weibo in November last year that she had been sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, a former member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China and Vice Premier of the State Council, and then lost contact for several weeks. ) said in an interview that he did not accuse him of sexual assault.

Peng Shuai also appeared in the freestyle ski jumping final where Gu Ailing won the gold medal. Gu Ailing also told reporters after the game that he had seen Peng Shuai, but the CCP did not report this.

In addition, Gu Ailing recently stated that “Anyone can download a VPN, and it is free on the App Store.” This statement was censored and deleted by the CCP.

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a tool used by mainlanders to break through the CCP’s “Great Firewall”. The CCP uses the “Great Firewall” to block foreign websites. Mainlanders have been punished or even convicted for using VPNs.

Zhang Jing, the founder of China Women’s Rights, said: “She (Gu Ailing) does not live a solid life in heaven, because she is very careful, she can’t make a single mistake, and she can’t say a single word, as long as you don’t follow what it (the CCP) means. , to meet its (CCP) requirements, you have to return to the world, or even go to hell.”

Radio France Internationale (RFI, RFI) published an article on February 12, citing analysis and bluntly: “Will Gu Ailing become a problem for the Chinese authorities?”

The article stated that, as a child who grew up in a free environment in the United States, Gu Ailing did not take into account the many taboos and traps of political discourse in the Chinese environment. When it comes to a little bit, it will touch the red line of the restricted area, including freedom of speech, Internet freedom, her nationality, VPN and Peng Shuai, her natural and American-style Wuji, will they become negative assets of the CCP authorities?

On the issue of nationality, Chinese “naturalized athletes” such as Gu Ailing have always been unclear. Fa Guang’s article mentioned that in recent days, the lack of clarity on Gu Ailing’s nationality has been a hot topic among US and Chinese social media users. According to the International Olympic Committee, athletes representing a country in the Olympic Games must be citizens of that country, and Chinese law does not allow dual citizenship.

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After Gu Ailing won her first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics, two Olympic websites removed conflicting information about her citizenship, according to VOA.

In addition, the embarrassing experience of another Chinese “naturalized athlete” Zhou Jiaying also attracted attention – she was officially banned from using English at the press conference. Ice hockey player Zhou Jiaying, who was born in Canada and graduated from Princeton University in the United States, told one of her assistants that she was not allowed to use English at a press conference after the game on February 6. When asked by reporters if she could answer questions in English .

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