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And Verdini under house arrest whispers about the Colle

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The plan A of the center-right, therefore, is to nominate an offender, a gentleman still struggling with the courtrooms, pretending that it was nothing but trifles, that he will never be a President of the Republic already convicted of tax fraud who still has to answer for accusations as inducement to lie? And plan B tries to dictate it an old friend, Denis Verdini, the man of the abacus of his governments, who, however, cannot give advice at a summit in Villa Grande, but is forced to send them by email from house arrest where he is. To two recipients, one of whom, Marcello Dell’Utri, served a sentence for external competition in the mafia association.

If the ad personam laws were not enough, the repeated attacks on the judiciary (which the Head of State presides over), the scandals and the gaffes, if still the frenzied hunt for “squirrels” to be domesticated to get an extra vote had not given the The idea of ​​an unseemly operation in a delicate and important passage such as the election of the tenant of the Quirinale, should at least be this questionable war cabinet that makes clear to everyone how inappropriate Berlusconi’s candidacy is.

In the letter unearthed by the Tyrrhenian Sea and which has become public knowledge, Verdini worries about the “legitimate ambition” of the former prime minister, of course, “no one from the center-right can deny him this opportunity”, but he is also and above all worried about the “role of kingmaker” to be reserved to the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, “a possible defeat on the Quirinale would jeopardize his political career”. And Salvini is also the boyfriend of his daughter Francesca, in an intertwining of personal and party evaluations that makes everything even more grotesque. But in the center-right game there is another actress, Giorgia Meloni, who does not have large troops in Parliament but who has grown enormously in the specific weight of that group, and who today all polls show as the probable leader of that group. area. If in your debut in the challenge of the Colle you want to be a responsible and reliable protagonist, if you really dream of a European and presentable right that leads you straight to Palazzo Chigi, at least you try to raise your voice to say what the background attributes to you, more than a perplexity about the candidacy of the elderly leader in search of revenge. And it does not do it for a mere question of numbers, but for a fundamental reason of expediency.

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