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And we thought that F1 would be more balanced this year. Verstappen’s dominance was worrying in Bahrain

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And we thought that F1 would be more balanced this year.  Verstappen’s dominance was worrying in Bahrain

Max Verstappen has won three championships in a row and looks set to win a fourth after the opening grand prix of the new season. We’ve only had the first of twenty-four grands prix and Red Bull’s lead seems huge.

ESPN’s Nate Saunders after the race he wrote: “Unbelievable. It will be a long season for the rivals. How many races like this can F1 afford this year? No danger ahead at all. You can ‘hype’ the fight for second, third, fourth or fifth place all you want, but most people don’t care.”

The words of the respected journalist are a reflection of what is happening in the Grand Prix of Bahrain. After Friday’s qualifying, it looked like it might be a bit tighter than last year. However, after her, the hopes of impartial fans were dashed.

Ruthless confirmation of continued dominance came in Saturday’s race, which ended in a double victory for Red Bull. Max Verstappen’s lead in particular was huge.

In the text you will learn:

why Verstappen’s lead is worrying; how the Horner case is developing; who might trouble the advocates; why Alpine is an unpleasant surprise. Early sobriety

After last week’s pre-season tests, also held in Bahrain, we were trying to gauge what the power distribution might look like and whether anyone could challenge Verstappen et al.

Tests can’t be taken completely seriously, as teams try different things, different modes, and try to find the perfect balance between testing important components and not revealing cards. Red Bull did a great job and left some question marks going into the opening weekend of the season.

It looked tight at first in qualifying, but in its final part, Verstappen packed it all in and won his 33rd pole position, putting him in fifth place on the all-time charts alongside greats like Alain Prost and Jim Clark.

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The lead of the three-time world champion over second-placed Charles Leclerc was two-tenths of a second on Friday, which gave hope for at least a somewhat balanced race. However, the reality was quite different.

Verstappen got off to a great start on Saturday, gave his rivals absolutely no chance and won in style. He posted the fastest lap of the race, led throughout all laps and recorded his fifth career grand slam.

In this respect, he is tied for third place in the historical charts with Alberto Ascari and Michael Schumacher.

Photo – Ivan Olle

The superiority of Verstappen is proven by a comparison with last year’s Bahrain event. Just like today and a year ago, the Dutchman won ahead of his teammate Sergio Pérez. However, while last year it was with a lead of almost twelve seconds, this time the Mexican lost up to 22 seconds at the finish line.

However, it is interesting to look at the other sections, which can add a certain amount of drama to this F1 season. Until last year

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