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Anorexia, dies at 17 in the hospital in Lodi

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PRAISE. A 17-year-old girl from Somaglia (Lodi) died of anorexia at the Maggiore hospital in Lodi. The 17-year-old had been suffering from the disease for a few years. When she arrived at the hospital she was already very serious, as explained by the direction of Asst Lodi. The doctors welcomed her and immediately admitted her to pediatrics two days ago. They tried desperately to save her but any attempt to get her back was in vain.

“We were deeply shaken by the death of the seventeen-year-old who suffered from anorexia who arrived in our hospital (the Major of Lodi, ed) two days ago”. Paolo Bernocchi, medical director of Asst di Lodi, speaks. «The young woman really came to us in desperate conditions and despite this we tried to do everything to make her improve. We would like to say – the director explains tonight – that all the health personnel participate in the pain of the family ». The young woman, already suffering, had also had to immediately suffer the shock of remaining closed in the first former red zone of Italy, residing in Somaglia, which with Codogno had been isolated from the rest of the world at the first coronavirus diagnosis in our country. And she had lost her fifty-year-old father, to whom she was very attached, four years ago.

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