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Another 46 vaccine-free nurses suspended, now services at risk

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From the order of nurses of the province of Pordenone. The total rises to 116, although some are retired. The president of the Order attacks the unvaccinated, but raises the alarm

PORDENONE. The Order of Nurses of the province of Pordenone yesterday suspended another 46 members who were not vaccinated. President Luciano Clarizia raises the alarm for departments and territorial services of the Western Friuli health authority, but above all for retirement homes.

On Thursday, the Asfo Prevention Department issued an act of ascertaining the non-compliance with the vaccination obligation for another 151 health workers residing in the Pordenone area. Among these also 55 nurses.

The Department of Prevention has sent, as required by law, the deed to the professional association. Thirty reports sent by Friday, supplemented by those that were delivered yesterday morning in view of the advice that Clarizia called for yesterday at 4 pm.

In total, 47 positions were examined: in one case, a nurse, the communication from the Prevention Department was noted that the woman was in compliance with the legislation. 46 nurses have been suspended from the register, who will not be able to work either in the public or in the private sector until readmission, after vaccination or after 31 December, a deadline established by the decree that provides for the vaccination obligation for these categories. Yesterday the council also noted the vaccination of a nurse who was readmitted.

New communications and, therefore, new suspensions are planned for the next few days. With yesterday’s measures, 116 nurses suspended from the Order of Pordenone. One share concerns pensioners, but others are operators of public and private structures.

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And the growing number is now alarming for the guarantee of services. “It is clear – says Clarizia – that if the number increases, problems could arise”. As for the Asfo, according to the president of the Order “departments or local services could suffer”. However, he sees the greatest risk in retirement homes. “In those structures the numbers are already small, on the verge of survival,” he stresses. Also yesterday he received a request for a nurse from one of them.

“If you remove nurses from nursing homes there is a risk of closure – he continues -. So if you can’t guarantee the services, what do you do with the guests? This is what worries us ». Clarizia spares no harsh words towards unvaccinated colleagues: «It is shameful that professionals are not vaccinated. They go not only against the law, but also against the code of ethics. These nurses are a setback for the profession ».

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