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Another 5 thousand euros for games Maria thinks about the children

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Another 5 thousand euros for games Maria thinks about the children

Died at the beginning of the year from Covid, now 92, the teacher Mariuccia was beloved for generations. The surprise at the opening of the will

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The generosity of Maria “Mariuccia” Martinetti, a teacher at the Pecco elementary school, who died 92 years old in January of this year, a victim of Covid, had no limits. After he had donated 50 thousand euros to the municipal administration, precisely of Pecco, for the construction of a playground in 2011, upon reading his holographic will it was discovered that the teacher, who remained in the heart of the small Valchiusellse community, wanted to benefit the Municipality of another 5 thousand euros, to be invested in improving the play structure inaugurated eleven years ago. «It never ceases to amaze us, our teacher – observes the mayor Michele Gedda who was her pupil-. Once again, the unforgettable teacher wanted to demonstrate her attachment to our country and especially to children, whether they are local or simple tourists or vacationers. She had no children, the teacher Martinetti. Here, her family were the schoolchildren ».

“We will now see – adds the mayor – what interventions to implement to make our playground even more welcoming and functional”. The elders of the village remember the teacher “Mariuccia” as a patient and never authoritarian teacher, a teacher who knew how to be respected without having to raise her voice to call some too lively pupil or more simply to arouse the attention of others, usually get distracted. Maria “Mariuccia” Marinetti was originally from San Giovanni, a hamlet of Castellamonte. Her death, on January 26 at the Ivrea Clinic in Ivrea, was news that deeply saddened the entire community. For the people of the country, where she taught from 1960 to 1972, she was simply “the teacher”, with a capital m. –

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