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Another clandestine drug laboratory dismantled in Huila

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Another clandestine drug laboratory dismantled in Huila

In a blow to drug trafficking, soldiers from the Ninth Brigade of the National Army managed to locate and dismantle a clandestine laboratory dedicated to the processing of cocaine hydrochloride, with a capacity to produce up to a ton of alkaloids.

The operation, carried out by men from the Special Energy and Road Battalion No. 12 and units of the Technical Investigation Corpswas developed in the San Carlos village, Cerro Matambo in the municipality of Gigante, Huila.

The illegal complex discovered was surprising for its size, with 8 bedrooms, a ranch, 3 security posts and an entire area dedicated to drug drying and processing. In addition, the authorities found an arsenal of elements used for the cocaine production, including more than 560 gallons of liquid inputs, 75 gallons with pergamanate, metal presses, 500 kilograms of solid inputsmicrowave ovens and electric scales, among others.

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This action makes it possible to neutralize the intentions of processing alkaloids in the territory of Huila, counteracting the plans to strengthen their illicit economies.

“The Ninth Brigade of the Army reiterates its commitment to the safety and tranquility of the people of Huila, working tirelessly to combat drug trafficking in all its forms, helping to prevent this scourge from affecting children and adolescents,” the Army said.

It is worth mentioning that in February of this year, the Army located and destroyed in a controlled manner three structures in Palestine, Huila, that functioned as laboratories, which had a production capacity of more than 400 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride per month.

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