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Another year of spring plowing and busy grain “stabilizing production and increasing income” has new hope_Guangming.com

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Another year of spring plowing and busy grain “stabilizing production and increasing income” has new hope_Guangming.com

From the beginning of spring plowing, all things grow, and spring plowing and spring planting are of great significance to increase agricultural production and income throughout the year. This year’s No. 1 Central Document made nine arrangements for comprehensively promoting the key tasks of rural revitalization. The first task is to pay close attention to ensuring the stable production and supply of grain and important agricultural products.

Right now, from south to north, from vast plains to terraced hills, from plateau gullies to mulberry fish ponds, a busy picture of spring farming is slowly unfolding. On the basis of the steady advancement of high-standard farmland construction, science and technology continue to inject impetus into the high-quality development of agriculture, and hope for a bumper harvest in the new year is being born.

  not miss the farming time

  Good season for spring plowing

On February 13, villagers in Zhaixu Town, Pubei County, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province worked in the fields.Photo by Luo Chan

Clearing gullies, storing water and plowing. Recently, at the high-yield grain demonstration site of Dong’an Village, Zhujiao Village Committee, Zhaixu Town, Guangxi, there has been a surge of spring plowing preparations. “In the new year, we will ensure that we will complete the target of over 98% of the abandoned land treatment rate in 2023, so that the masses will have benefits and hope, and let the abandoned land become a field of prosperity.” Lai Guangwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhaiwei Town, told reporters.

It is understood that before, some fields in Dong’an Village were abandoned in winter and spring. In order to “awaken” more “hibernating” land, Zhaixu Town encourages large-scale planters and cooperatives to intensively cultivate land, and through continuous large-scale planting, obtains production capacity from arable land and technology, extends the production industry chain, and improves land utilization, thereby driving farmers to increase income. .

The reserve of agricultural materials is the “food and grass” for spring plowing. In Xize Township, Xuanwei City, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, in order to meet the needs of the masses, the local agricultural department planned in advance and prepared enough agricultural materials such as seeds, fertilizers, and films to ensure the orderly progress of spring plowing production.

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“My family has a total of 5 mu of land. This year we plan to plant 3.5 mu of rice and 1.5 mu of corn. We farmers will not panic if we have grain in our hands.” said Lu Dehua, a villager in Minle Village, Pu’er, Yunnan. Since the beginning of this year, the local area has focused on preparing for spring plowing on the one hand, and protecting cultivated land on the other, resolutely curbing the abandonment of cultivated land and the “non-agricultural transformation” of cultivated land, and strictly controlling the “non-grain transformation” to ensure increased grain production and income.

Doing a good job in spring plowing and preparation is the key to ensuring the stable production and supply of grain and important agricultural products throughout the year. On the basis of realizing the “Nineteen Consecutive Harvests” in grain production, all regions and departments have compacted their responsibilities, refined spring field management, ensured the spring sowing area, strengthened agricultural materials services, and laid a solid foundation for a bumper grain harvest.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ agricultural dispatch shows that my country’s grain production is progressing smoothly. In summer, the production base of grain and oil is good, the supply of agricultural materials is sufficient, the preparation for farming is progressing in an orderly manner, and the area of ​​grain sowing in spring is steadily increasing slightly.

  Store food in the ground

  High-standard farmland helps spring plowing “get off to a good start”

On February 9, villagers in Xinrong Village, Gongyi Town, Meishan City, Sichuan Province were harvesting vegetables with large machines.Photo by Weng Guangjian

High-standard farmland is the ballast stone to ensure food security based on the national strategy of storing grain on the ground. Since the implementation of high-standard farmland construction in our country, the new atmosphere of farmland has brought good prospects for growing grain.

At the beginning of the new year, Gaotian Town, Shicheng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province is undergoing high-standard farmland renovation, and the sound of excavators on the site is constant. Zhou Xun, a villager in Hukeng Village, Gaotian Town, said: “The problems of fragmented land and high agricultural production costs have been solved, and the goals of consolidating fields, connecting roads, connecting canals, allowing waterlogging to be drained, and drought to be irrigated will be achieved. Our farmers will become richer and more likely to increase their income.” There is hope!”

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“One year’s delay in spring, and ten years of failure.” On January 30, in the rapeseed field of Dengyouping Village, Dahe Town, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, a villager who was busy building a mechanical farming road said, “After the mechanical farming road is repaired , It will be much easier to go to the field to sow and harvest in the future, and the rotary tiller, rice transplanter, and harvester can all be driven directly from the courtyard dam into the field.”

The No. 1 Central Document clearly states that this year we will continue to strengthen the construction of high-standard farmland. It is understood that all parts of the country have successively formulated goals for this year: Heilongjiang has set specific tasks such as “maintaining more than 218 million mu of grain sown area” this year, and will build 8.4 million mu of high-standard farmland; Jilin will build 3.78 million mu of high-standard farmland this year; Shandong and Sichuan respectively propose to build and upgrade high-standard farmland of 4.4 million mu and 4.25 million mu…

Tang Renjian, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, pointed out at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office on the 14th that to consolidate the foundation of food security, we must focus on strengthening the material basis of storing grain on the ground and storing grain on technology.

“Strictly control the use of cultivated land, resolutely guard the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land, complete the annual task of new construction and upgrading of high-standard farmland, and promptly formulate an implementation plan to gradually build all permanent basic farmland into high-standard farmland. This is a major move, 15.46 The 100 million mu of permanent basic farmland must be built into high-standard farmland.” Tang Renjian said.

  store food in technology

  Technology helps spring plowing out of “acceleration”

On February 2, in Tianyangshang, Yazhou District, Sanya City, breeding experts seized the farming season to carry out spring plowing and breeding, and scientific research.Photo by Niu Liangyu

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The 12,000 mu of wheat planted in a row is about to get up and joint, and more than a dozen agricultural drones are slowly taking off to shuttle field plant protection operations… On February 10, a green high-quality and efficient demonstration of 10,000 mu of wheat in Zouxiang, Shipai Town, Zhongxiang City, Jingmen, Hubei In the film, agricultural experts stand in the fields and explain technical points to farmers.

“Now the wheat in the field is growing well, thanks to the guidance of the agricultural technicians.” Gao Zhanghe, a villager in the village, told reporters: “In the past, farming relied on experience, but now it relies on science and technology. The grain yield is high, so this year I Another ten acres have been planted.”

With the help of scientific and technological talents, farmers have more confidence in farming. At the same time, with the help of high-tech mechanized equipment, a new form of smart farming has opened, which has greatly improved agricultural production efficiency and reduced labor costs.

In the 10,000-mu Smart Agricultural Park in Nanshan Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the application of technologies such as visual recognition, AI algorithms, and high-precision navigation has made the whole process of farming unmanned, and at the same time can greatly improve the efficiency of land preparation.

“One machine can complete up to 800 acres of work a day, and human labor can only complete about 20 acres a day.” The staff of Guangdong Metropolitan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. told reporters that not only farming machinery, the experimental area is currently equipped with unmanned harvesters, UAVs, compound agricultural machinery and other equipment are fully prepared for spring plowing.

Grasp the “niubi” of promoting agriculture through science and technology. At present, various regions and departments are actively organizing field management training activities, using expert teams and scientific and technological specialists to get through the “last mile” of technical services; at the same time, actively exploring digital farm tools to help spring plowing production and improving the application level of high-end intelligent agricultural machinery equipment. (Yang Xi, Zhou Wen, Cheng Hao, Liu Haitian)

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