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Anti-epidemic personnel in Jiangxi prying doors and culling pet dog owners are exposed to threats | Shangrao, Jiangxi | NTD Chinese TV Online

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[New Tang Dynasty News November 13, 2021 Beijing time]A video of the Shangrao epidemic prevention personnel in Jiangxi Province prying the door to slaughter pet dogs was exposed on the Internet a few days ago. However, the owner of the puppy who exposed the video was threatened by the authorities and forced to delete it.

On November 12, a Weibo netizen posted that he was a resident of Jinfeng Garden Community, Xinzhou District, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, and was quarantined in a hotel. Through home surveillance, he saw that his puppy was held by the epidemic prevention staff at home. An iron rod hit the head and was suspected of being culled.

On November 12, 2021, epidemic prevention personnel in Shangrao, Jiangxi pry the door to culminate a pet dog stranded at home. (Video screenshot)

The netizen said that he was not allowed to bring pets when he went to the hotel for isolation. He repeatedly confirmed that the staff is only responsible for killing and will not take the puppy away or handle it.

But at about 16:40 on the 12th, two people in protective clothing pried the door into his house and tried to take the puppy away. The puppy broke away from the rope, and they took an iron rod and hit the puppy on the head. The two epidemic prevention personnel also told the puppy owner through monitoring that it was the leader who asked for a local solution.

The netizen said that the puppy hid in the room and the surveillance could not capture it, but he could hear the puppy’s screams. Finally, two anti-epidemic personnel came out with yellow plastic bags in their hands and said that the treatment was over. (Click to watch the video)

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The owner of the puppy was threatened by various parties after the incident was exposed and was forced to delete the post.

Some netizens posted chat messages in Moments on Weibo, and the cat in another household in the community was also culled.

This incident triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Weibo netizen “Niu Hulu Dingdong”: “When will the infected and the centralized quarantine become like criminals, although they obediently cooperate with the epidemic prevention and respect every epidemic prevention personnel, but Their own private property is still passively disposed of! Nothing…”

“Candy House No. 6”: “I’m so angry, I can’t bear to watch that video, enter the room illegally, kill the puppies alive, and wear a protective suit to do whatever he wants? The most important thing is that ZF doesn’t understand the perfunctory sentence. , The animal protection law should be established quickly!”

“The three of Zun Zun are all treasures”: “Again, remind everyone who keeps pets, you must quarantine with your pets and enter and leave together. Don’t trust the promises of those epidemic prevention personnel. The epidemic prevention work is almost a fig leaf, all kinds of incredible Everything can be rationalized. Once some people have some rights, they don’t know where the boundaries of the rights are. Moreover, it is impossible for you to defend your rights, and you will be threatened by various deaths.”

After the incident, the staff of the Xinzhou District Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Shangrao City claimed to the media that they were unclear about the pup culling incident and had not received relevant information for the time being.

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Not long ago, a girl in Harbin was treated in isolation and all three kittens in her family were euthanized.

(Reporter Luo Tingting Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Wen Hui)

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