Home News Anti-flu, in the Marca at the start on 24 October. Goal two hundred thousand doses

Anti-flu, in the Marca at the start on 24 October. Goal two hundred thousand doses

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Anti-flu, in the Marca at the start on 24 October.  Goal two hundred thousand doses

At the starting line is the campaign for flu vaccination in the province of Treviso: it begins on 24 October, earlier than in previous years, which saw the start of inoculations in early November.

“200 thousand doses are on the way and the investment for the purchase of the drug amounts to about 3 million euros,” explains the director general of Ulss 2 Francesco Benazzi. There are three main “channels” of administration: general practitioners, pharmacies and Vax Points of the hospital who are preparing the calendar of vaccination days to offer prophylaxis to citizens.

Double sting

This year, by the will of the Ministry of Health which has analyzed the epidemiological situation in progress, the anti-flu campaign in our country will start a little earlier. The formulation of the vaccine that will be proposed has also been established: it will be quadrivalent and will protect against the A Victoria and Darwin strains responsible for H1N1 and H3N2, as well as from the B Phuket and B / Austria strains (the latter newly inserted in a vial).

“It will be possible to receive the flu vaccination and the fourth dose of updated anti-Covid bivalent at the same time,” adds the CEO Benazzi, inviting the population to perform the double injection to better face the winter months. The broader the membership, the more it will be possible to put a stop to the advance of a double seasonal epidemic, in which the resurgence of Covid is expected to add to the flu, generating a surplus of hospitalizations for viral complications.

“The double vaccination will help to reduce the serious forms of the two diseases, and in particular the flu vaccination will help us to make a differential diagnosis” announces the director general of Ulss 2 Francesco Benazzi.

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The goal is to vaccinate around 200,000 elderly people aged over 60 and frail against seasonal flu, with the ambitious goal of reaching 75% coverage (a threshold that was raised this year by the Ministry of Health from 65% of 2021). The priority, shared by the ULSS with the representatives of the family doctors of the Marca, is to immediately secure the weakest subjects: the elderly and very frail.

Doctors in the field

“GPs will offer the double vaccination individually in the clinic or by organizing a series of days dedicated to prophylaxis” announces Bruno Di Daniel, Snami provincial secretary who is planning a couple of sessions within his Aft (territorial functional aggregation of caregivers) vaccinated in the Maserada gymnasium.

“As we will announce to the patients and at the same time we are organizing to bring home vaccination for the infirm and RSA guests” continues Di Daniel.

«The next actions were outlined at the company table» adds Brunello Gorini, provincial secretary of Fimmg, «once again this year we are ready to prepare a special vaccination day and to sensitize our patients to join. Our Flu Day will be at the beginning of November, as soon as we have the delivery date of the vials we will communicate the date of the Flu Day which has always been a great success ».

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