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Antioquia by rector election process

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Antioquia by rector election process

Yesterday, March 15, at the University of Antioquia, hooded people stole a Medellín Metropolitan Police van, as confirmed by the Personería. The university authorities, around 3:30 pm, announced that all academic, cultural, sports and administrative activities in the university city were suspended.

“Academic, cultural, sports and administrative activities in Ciudad Universitaria UdeA-Medellín were suspended. For vehicular exits, the Railway and River gates are recommended, and the Railway pedestrian gates and the Metro auxiliary gates are recommended. The University of Antioquia announced.

A pamphlet from the Unión y Lucha Student Guard circulated on digital platforms, denouncing the process of electing the new rector. “He has been managed in an undemocratic and, therefore, illegitimate manner.”

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They also pointed out that “it is imperative that the student movement mobilizes and organizes in search of a profound reform that guarantees true university democracy.”

In that sense, they warned that they reject the stigmatization, persecution and disproportionate response of those who were victims of their colleagues who mobilized on March 8.

The pamphlet closes like this: “We went out today to confront the repressive forces under the command of Federico Gutiérrez, who we took the opportunity to tell. “Here there is a people fighting that neither surrenders nor kneels.”

Finally, the mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, rejected these acts, warning that his Government’s position is to respect peaceful protests, whatever. “violence is counteracted” and that it will not “allow people’s lives to be put at risk, nor public or private property.”

The community also rejected these acts, which tarnish the good name of the University of Antioquia, taking into account that a student was injured.

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