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Any ‘Juan de los Palotes’ visually contaminates Santa Marta

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It has been proven that in Santa Marta whoever wants to does what they want and the authorities kind of put into practice the title of the song by the famous Shakira, ‘Blind, Deaf and Muda’; To sample a button. At the intersection of the avenues of Libertador with Los Estudiantes, a poster can be seen, the same as those that are in different parts of the city, in which a music show is promoted on the La Castellana Court, one of those that are finishing what little that remains of it, which do nothing but visually contaminate the city. What is worrying about this is that these posters have been on display for several days and so far the entity in charge of preventing these illegal actions, the Public Space Defender Unit (UDEP), dependent on the district administration, does not take the pertinent measures to bring those responsible to justice. Photo Ly Eric Amasifuen

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