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“Apostasy and Abu Bakr do not belong to her.”

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“Apostasy and Abu Bakr do not belong to her.”

Dr. Hassan Al-Amrani

The Arabs say: (If it did not happen, then it is as if it has happened). That is, if this matter has not happened, it is about to happen, if people remain silent. The people of sedition usually come out with one of the heads of their temptations out of shame, but if the people of truth remain silent, they take another step forward. In doing so, they seek help from formal institutions, such as legislative and executive authorities, which were originally designed to serve the people. But how many permissible things have been forbidden, and how many forbidden things have been permissible, in the name of those institutions.
Fifty years ago, it was said that the last remaining link of Islam in the Arab countries was (personal status), but the shovels began to reach for it and tear it down button by button.
Whenever strife arose among the Muslims and reared its ugly heads, wishing evil upon them and seeking to divide them, the sincere ones imitated the saying of the previous ones: “Apostasy and no Abu Bakr for it.” This is because Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, may God be pleased with him, had a hand over the Islamic nation, since the people of apostasy They almost made a hole in the building of Islam that could not be filled had it not been for the determination and guidance of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq. Al-Aqqad said: (The victory over the temptation of the apostates was a new opening for this emerging religion, as if the call to it had been resumed again… The judiciary wanted Abu Bakr to be the hero of Islam in the wars of apostasy and not a defender. He is the first person of honor among those who have opinions and those who work in those matters. Wars).
The call to prayer was the final arbiter in that strife between Muslims and unbelievers, as will become clear from Al-Siddiq’s letter to his princes whom he sent to fight the apostates. (We will publish the text of this book in an upcoming episode, God willing).
The call to prayer is one of the laws of Islam, and one of the characteristics of this nation. Therefore, the most important thing that the colonizer targeted when entering Muslim countries was the call to prayer and mosques.
The colonizer’s army lost its henchmen to belittle the call to prayer and its symbols. Among them is the writer Muhammad Khalouti (who chose the name Kateb Yassin for him), and he was a severe mocker of the rituals of Islam and extremely hostile to its people. Therefore, at the end of his life, he declared to a French magazine, saying: (I am neither Arab nor Muslim, I am Algerian), as if he wanted to depose About Algeria, its Arab and Islamic identity.
One of the manifestations of his fight against the call to prayer is that he once published a picture of a missile and a picture of a minaret, and wrote under the minaret: (The missile that does not launch). Algerian Sheikh Abdul Latif Sultani quoted this in his book: (Mazdakism is the origin of socialism).
The occasion of this conversation was raised by the statement of the Minister of Social Development and Solidarity when she asked before the Minister of Endowments, according to what was reported in the newspapers: Is it necessary for the call to prayer for the dawn prayer to be loud near residences and tourist vehicles? It was a stone she threw to see the reactions.
Although she later made an audio statement in which she said that people had distorted her words, and that she had only criticized the “megaphone,” the essence remained, when she called for the abolition of the megaphone because it was not sacred, as if people were living in villages whose population did not exceed dozens.
A faqih told me that the governor of Medina called him one day and asked him to ask him about the dawn call to prayer and the chanting that disturbs the sick. He replied that Moroccans call the muezzin who chants before the dawn call to prayer: “the comforter of the sick.”

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