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Apparently, Altbach barely escaped a bloodbath

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Apparently, Altbach barely escaped a bloodbath

An M75 hand grenade was most likely thrown by the alleged perpetrator at a mourner in Altbach near Esslingen. Photo: StZN/Feyder

The attack on a mourners in Altbach could have ended much worse. Apparently, the suspect didn’t use a firecracker, but a hand grenade – which only missed its full effect due to fortunate circumstances.

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When the explosive device was dropped on a mourners in Altbach im district of Esslingen was thrown, according to research by our newspaper, there is a high probability that it is one Hand grenades of the M75 type. Police explosives experts assume that the hand grenade, which was manufactured in the former Yugoslavia, was thrown by the 23-year-old suspect at up to 500 visitors to a funeral. The ones on the Friedhof Fragments found indicate a hand grenade of this type or of the identical type M93, which was manufactured in Macedonia.

The alleged perpetrator, an Iranian, had thrown the explosive device over the cemetery wall in the direction of the mourners. The grenade ricocheted off the branch of a large tree and exploded on the upper level of the hilltop cemetery. The explosion injured ten mourners, one seriously. Other visitors pursued the perpetrator, confronted him, punched and kicked him. He was seriously injured and flown to a hospital in a rescue helicopter. The young man has since been arrested. He apparently took a taxi to the Altbach cemetery and is said to have asked the driver to wait for his return.

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The 20-year-old Fortune M. from Altbach was buried. The man with Kenyan roots died in a train accident shortly after midnight on June 3. Friends and acquaintances had collected money on social networks to pay for the funeral – and asked to attend the ceremony on Friday afternoon from 11 a.m.

The backgrounds of attacks are still unclear

The M75 hand grenade is a spherical explosive device. Molded into the hard plastic shell are up to 3,000 pinhead-sized bullets that are deadly when the grenade detonates within a 12-18 meter radius. Within a radius of 30 to 54 meters they injure and maim victims. Investigators assume that the explosion of the grenade in Altbach would have caused a bloodbath if it had not been intercepted by a branch.

At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, large quantities of hand grenades made their way from the Balkans, mainly to Scandinavia. It is sold on the black market for prices between 20 and 50 euros per piece. Since then, it has mainly been used by members of hostile gangs and clans in disputes that investigators attribute to organized crime.

The background to the attack is still unclear. However, the police do not rule out that the attack on the mourners is connected to numerous other violent crimes that have occurred in the Stuttgart region in recent months.

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