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Appeal by Mayor Sala: “From Letta clear line you have to trust him”

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Appeal by Mayor Sala: “From Letta clear line you have to trust him”

A call to unity for the different souls of the center-left. We could summarize this morning the words of the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. After the compactness that emerged yesterday from the top of the center-right which, the mayor is sure, will remain united “until September 25”, Sala returns to launch an appeal to the center-left for the next elections: “The time has come to end it with positioning and personal aspirations. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, indicated a line, which aims at unity: it is the right line. Nobody has a magic wand, not even Letta, but you have to trust him ».

For the mayor of Milan, in fact, the match of the next elections will not be just “a confrontation between two sides”, but “a referendum on the destiny of Italy and Europe, between those who are with the continent that has guaranteed peace, prosperity and rights to its populations in the last seventy years and those who do not share this lowest common denominator and work to break it up ». It will also be a battle between those “proposing a return to the past, with a wrong development model and no attention to the environment and those who know that we need to change – adds Sala – Between those who think about the rights of only one part of the population and those who want to take care of themselves of everyone and above all of those who have fewer rights ». The mayor then returns with a straight leg in the national political debate after yesterday reiterated the need for a wide field (without the Five Stars), not only for the September elections but also for the race to Palazzo Lombardia in 2023. Second In fact, the center-left needs to “try to broaden the field to get out of the electoral round well.” So no to cross vetoes, an aspect of which he would also have spoken with the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta.

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