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Applause and stand before the Grande Matecaña!

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Applause and stand before the Grande Matecaña!

Julián Andrés Santa

Deportivo Pereira is starring in an outstanding campaign in this first semester of the Colombian League where the Matecañas are second in the standings with 20 points, the result of six wins, two draws and only two losses. There are several keys and positive points for Matecaña to be going through this great moment, led by a coaching staff with experience and knowledge, which is complemented in the best way by a group of players who, like the team of the 2022, they want to leave their names written in golden letters in the history of the club.

Life gave a new opportunity to Álvaro López from Pereira with Deportivo Pereira and the team president has taken advantage of it in the best way. After his return, the feelings among the fans and press were not the best due to cloudy memories, however, he invested to continue having a winning and leading team, starting with the hiring of Leonel Álvarez and his work team and the formation of a competitive roster, which has reflected this on the playing field.

Third team that brings the most people to the stadium

Deportivo Pereira is the team with the third best average audience throughout the semester in its games played at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas. The Matecaña fan is excited about the good work of the group and from the stands he has been the 12th best player. Looking at it from business, the managers invested and the public, which is client 1A, is responding highly.

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They recovered quickly from adversity

At the beginning of the championship, the first three dates were not the best for the red and yellow team, which out of nine points in dispute, got only one after drawing at home against Deportivo Cali and losing to Medellín and Deportivo Pasto, which generated concern among the fans. However, internally the players took care of the situation and without much time of work, they began the comeback operation, achieving six victories, five of them consecutively and a draw that should have ended in victory if it had not been for the mistake of the central Andrés Rojas.

Darwin, decisive as in 2008

16 years have passed but something that does not change is Carlos Darwin Quintero, a determining figure and the one who makes the Matecaña fans celebrate. Just as he did in 2008, he continues to achieve it in 2024. The goal scientist has accumulated five goals and three assists, wearing the captain’s ribbon.

Saving defense

Since the Uruguayan Salvador Ichazo reached the team’s goal, defeat has not been known. The Uruguayan brings all his experience in the best possible way, backed by the notable work of the centre-backs: Emiro Garcés, Jean Pestaña, Santiago Aguilar and José Moya. Also, highlight what was done by Eber Moreno, Yeison Suárez and Nicolás Giraldo, each one key in their position.

The case of Ewill Murillo, Juan David Ríos, Yesus Cabrera, Jhonny Jordan, Alejandro Piedrahíta and Andrés Ibarguen, players who have performed on the field and have been improving significantly in the game idea of ​​teacher Leonel Álvarez, thus ratifying the important work in equipment.

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Given the exaggerated sanction by Dimayor against coach Matecaña Leonel Álvarez, his assistant Rubén Darío Bedoya has been on the line, who has performed in a great way, remaining undefeated. Likewise, special mention goes to the goalkeeper coach Yony Yepes who lives each game as a true final, he is in charge of giving instructions, protesting when necessary and constantly encouraging the red-yellow fans, all going the same way and summarized in the excellent campaign carried out by the team.

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