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apply! Comfacesar shared job vacancies in Canada

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apply!  Comfacesar shared job vacancies in Canada

Through a trill, the Cesar Family Compensation Fund, Comfacesar, informed about the available job vacancies in Quebec, Canada.

In this sense, through an image they revealed that there are job vacancies available for machine operators; upholsterer; welder/fitter; surveying/surveying technician; health care aide/nurse aide; door and window installer; social workers; electromechanical; and else.

All those people who meet the profiles mentioned above will be able to visit the Comfacesar facilities this Thursday, February 2, to receive more information.

“What if your dream job is in Canada? Learn about the vacancies available in Quebec and see if you meet the profile. We will be providing more information on Thursday, February 2 from 8 am to 12 noon at the offices of our Employment Agency. We will wait for you!”, says the trill of the Compensation Box.

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