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Appreciate folklore and beautiful scenery to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday

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(News Broadcast): Enjoy folk customs and beautiful scenery. September 19 is the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People go out of their homes, experience traditional culture, and spend the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, flowers in the streets and lanes of Kunming, Yunnan, millions of flowers and shapes set off a strong festive atmosphere; in the Huangpi Mulan Grassland in Wuhan, people with their families set up tents and play games on the grass; in Shexian County, Anhui In the beautiful golden autumn, citizens walk into the sea of ​​flowers and enjoy the good time of the holiday.

In the Kangbashi district of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, community residents also gathered to knead dough, stuffing, and press molds. Together, they made moon cakes to enhance the feelings of the neighborhood.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chongqing Liangjiang New District held “Thousands of Miles, Mountains, Mountains and Flowers” digital light and shadow exhibition, lantern riddles, folk music performances and other activities, allowing visitors to experience the Chinese cultural heritage; in the Mingyue Mountain in Yichun, Jiangxi, the local launch of the traditional “Mingyue Banquet” for foreign tourists Taste the local reunion dinner.

The Mid-Autumn Festival folklore also attracted foreign friends. In Jiulonghu Town, Ningbo, Zhejiang, international friends from Germany, Pakistan, and Russia followed the local residents to learn how to make mooncakes, paint peonies, and experience traditional Chinese culture.

In Guangxi Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, the Dong Village’s Lusheng sounded. Dong villagers dressed in costumes, singing and dancing, Lusheng stepping on the hall, Dong’s big song, Dong’s Baijia banquet and other traditional folk customs made tourists feel the characteristic culture of ethnic minorities.

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