Home News Appreciating the beauty of autumn leaves Beijing launches 14 cultural themed routes for admiring ginkgo products in autumn_皇城根

Appreciating the beauty of autumn leaves Beijing launches 14 cultural themed routes for admiring ginkgo products in autumn_皇城根

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Original Title: Appreciating the Beauty of Autumn Leaves Beijing Launches 14 Cultural Theme Routes for Appreciating Ginkgo Products in Autumn

CCTV.com Beijing, October 28 news. A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism launched 14 “The Season of Falling Leaves-Walking in Autumn to Appreciate Ginkgo Products in Beijing” with the theme of appreciation of ginkgo products for citizens and tourists. Enjoy the historical charm of the ancient capital by walking and cycling.

It is reported that the routes introduced this time include 10 walking routes and 4 cycling routes. Among them, 10 “Walk in Beijing-Ginkgo Appreciation Cultural Theme Tour”, covering the most representative places for ginkgo appreciation in late autumn in Beijing, such as outside the east gate of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Zhongshan Park, Yuanmingyuan, Five Pagoda Temple, Dajue Temple , Ditan Park, Sanlitun Embassy District, Lama Temple, Huangchenggen Site Park and other places. Citizens and tourists can stroll around, admire the beautiful golden ginkgo leaves in the sun, feel the charm of the fallen leaves in Beijing in autumn, and check in the nearby internet celebrities to explore the new landmark of Beijing’s fashion.

(The beautiful view of Ginkgo biloba in Beijing, photo by Song Xue on CCTV)

At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism has also combined the slow-moving system to launch 4 walking routes in autumn in Beijing, calling on more citizens and tourists to join the green travel team. The cycling route includes both the ancient imperial city buildings along the way and the deep mountain temples in the suburbs.

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The “Walking Beijing” cultural tourism and leisure brand route has been released for two consecutive years since its launch in 2020. Its boutique tourist routes have been well received by citizens and tourists. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism stated that it will continue to focus on Beijing’s four seasons and urban renewal governance, and continue to introduce cultural visit lines that not only highlight the cultural characteristics of Beijing’s ancient capital, but also reflect Beijing’s modern and fashionable urban leisure travel routes, so as to provide citizens and tourists with more quality Personalized and personalized travel options.Return to Sohu to see more


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