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Arc Browser for macOS: Adapt websites to your own preferences with “Boost 2.0” | news

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Arc Browser for macOS: Adapt websites to your own preferences with “Boost 2.0” |  news
A Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad without a browser is unimaginable these days. Safari has therefore been part of the basic equipment of macOS and iOS for many years, the same applies to Edge and Windows as well as Chrome and Android. The basic functions are naturally the same for all these apps, but there are differences in terms of design and additional functions. The fairly young Arc browser should score with users with some innovative features that the competition does not yet have to offer. This has recently included the possibility of giving websites an individual look.

Arc is supposed to be an “operating system for the internet”.
Arc differs from Safari, Chrome and Co. in the way the browser handles tabs, among other things. These can be found – together with bookmarks and web apps, for example – in a sidebar. This makes it easier to test The Verge organization significantly and makes using Arc extremely convenient. In addition, sessions can be arranged in “Spaces”, which are visually different from each other and can also be linked to different accounts. The company “The Browser Company of New York” describes Arc itself as a kind of “operating system for the Internet”. With a feature called “Boost 2.0” there is now another option for customization.

“Boosts 2.0” allows customization of all websites
The new function allows users of the Arc Browser to add their own themes to the websites they call up – without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. This goes so far that even the fonts can be changed as desired. You can also use a feature called Zaps to remove elements from a page. The developers explain the possibilities in a video tutorial, which can be found on YouTube. In addition, there is one Gallery with boosts are available that have been created by users and can be downloaded free of charge.

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Arc is still in beta and requires registration
Arc is currently only available for macOS, but is still in beta. If you want to try out the innovative browser, you have to register with an e-mail address and will then be placed on the waiting list. As a rule, however, it only takes a few days for the download link to arrive in the mailbox. PC users as well as iPhone and iPad owners, on the other hand, have to be much more patient. Versions for Windows, iOS and iPadOS have already been announced, but there are no release dates yet.

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