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Areandina University Foundation turns 40 years old

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Areandina University Foundation turns 40 years old

With the approval of the Technological Foundation of the Andean Area by the Ministry of National Education in December 1983, the dream of two friends began, knowing the timeline and growth of this renowned institution.

Pablo Oliveros Marmolejo and Gustavo Eastman Vélez. Oliveros was convinced of globalization and at that time the Andean Pact between Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia began, for this reason they decided to name the new Institution the Andean Area. The first rector was Luis Ernesto Ospina (1984-1985) and José Rico López (1985-1993) replaced him.

The beginning of a great work

The first Areandina headquarters in Bogotá opened its doors in a rented house, located on Calle 54 and Carrera 6a, where years later the Teatro La Baranda would operate (1984). Later, Areandina would have its first building in what we know today as the Technology Center, located on Carrera 14a. No. 69-35.

Coming home

The Pereira Section has a modern educational complex of 17,000 square meters inaugurated in 2007, which today constitutes an important contribution by Areandina to the recovery of the center of Pereira. From there, cultural, environmental, social and educational innovation initiatives are constantly promoted.

To get to what it is today, it had to start work around 1994, in a house located on Avenida Circunvalar. Later, the facilities of the old Valher factory on Carrera 8 and Calle 24, in the center of the city, were purchased, starting activities there in 1997. This headquarters is a beautiful tribute from the founders to their Pereira origins.

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The first programs to open in Pereira were Surgical Instrumentation and Technology in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging with around 14 students. Today they have more than 1,900 graduates. This would be the beginning of one of the most solid and important health sciences faculties in the region. Then the health simulation center would be opened, one of the most modern in the coffee region.

Areandina to the next level

In 1992, with the promulgation of Law 30, Areandina requested the transformation to a university institution from the Ministry of National Education. The rectors of the time of the universities of the Americas, District and La Salle, were designated to make the inspection visit that would culminate with the approval in 1993 of the University Foundation of the Andean Area, a year of great events for the country and for our alma mater.

With this approval, the institution would begin its prolific career of challenges and achievements in Colombian Higher Education. The rector of this new era would be Pablo Oliveros Marmolejo (1993-2005) who knew how to imbue Areandina with his visionary thinking and experience as a precursor of several university institutions in the country.

Areandina arrives in Central America

In 2019, Areandina made a commitment to expansion, in order to reproduce a Colombian model of education in other universities in Latin America. This led her to enter into an articulation process that would allow her to have a presence in other countries through education.

Today Areandina supports two universities in Central America, the Universidad San Marcos in Costa Rica and the Universidad del Istmo in Panama, leaders in their countries. San Marcos University is number one in virtuality in all of Costa Rica, with more than 100 years of foundation and 7 high-quality accredited programs.

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The Universidad del Istmo in Panama has been recognized as one of the most important private universities in that country. In 2023, it was one of the 70 most important universities in Central America according to the QS ranking and was reaccredited with the highest score of all Higher Education institutions evaluated in Panama in the reaccreditation process.

Engineer Felipe Baena, rector of the Areandina University Foundation, Pereira section

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