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Arias is serious about the Cali Mayor’s Office

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Arias is serious about the Cali Mayor’s Office

This was confirmed by the event held by Arias this week, in which he presented the citizen movement Cali thinks big, since he demonstrated that he has the capacity to convene beyond his political organization.

The councilor brought together businessmen, athletes and popular leaders at the Dann Carlton Hotel to present his vision of the city through an open letter.

With the document, in which he raised 8 points to recover the city, Carlos Andrés Arias showed that -unlike the vast majority of candidates for mayor of Cali- he already has concrete proposals.

Graffiti learned that Arias has been preparing his candidacy for mayor since last year and that he even already has a campaign team with which he is working on the strategic and programmatic components.

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Being a lawyer, the councilman of the Partido de la U must be clear that, at this point, he can only be a candidate if his community endorses him, because for times, the electoral regulations do not allow him to register by signatures.

The presence of Carlos Andrés Arias in the media, his activity in social networks and his meetings in the neighborhoods of Cali indicate that the candidate is focused on consolidating himself as an option, so that the Partido de la U has no other alternative but to give him the endorsement to register your candidacy for mayor.

Carlos Andrés Arias has spent two periods in the Cali Council, where he opened his own space and earned the respect of his colleagues who consider him studious; For this reason, in the midst of the growing list of candidates for mayor of Cali, the councilor must be placed in a separate group, where there are those who are serious.

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