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Armed Forces celebrate Soldier’s Day

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Armed Forces celebrate Soldier’s Day

The Armed Forces celebrate the Day of the Salvadoran Soldier, at the facilities of the Captain General Gerrardo Barrios Military School, to highlight their work in the security plan currently implemented by the Government of the Republic.

Every May 7, the Armed Forces commemorate the work carried out by the country’s military personnel. Now, the institution has allowed Salvadorans to have control of the State, which was stolen by criminal structures that for years terrified the population.

On a daily basis, the elements of the Armed Forces provide the necessary security to Salvadoran families, through preventive patrols and the support provided by the PNC, locating terrorists fleeing the War Against Gangs.

To date, El Salvador continues to report days with zero homicides, as a result of the strategies implemented and the work of security personnel.

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