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Armed Forces will act against military witnesses of JOH

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Armed Forces will act against military witnesses of JOH

In a surprising turn of events, the Honduran Armed Forces have taken action against soldiers who have testified in the trial against former president Juan Orlando Hernández. The former president is facing three charges related to drug trafficking in the Southern District Court of New York.

In the latest trial against the former president, Brigadier General Tulio Armando Romero, who was also the chief of the Presidential Guard during Hernández’s tenure, appeared as the first defense witness. This move has sparked controversy within the military institution, as Romero’s testimony did not follow official protocols to leave the country and attend the trial.

The Armed Forces of Honduras have emphasized that the testimonies of Romero and another officer, Willy Joel Oseguera Rodas, who has not yet testified, are strictly personal responsibilities and do not represent the position of the Armed Forces. The military institution has also reported that both officers left the country for the United States without proper authorization.

According to the Armed Forces, the actions of Romero and Oseguera Rodas are considered illegal under military laws and regulations. The matter will be transferred to the Military Courts of First Instance for jurisdictional determination.

In a statement, the Honduran Armed Forces reiterated their commitment to uphold the law and respect human rights and individual guarantees established by the Constitution of the Republic. The situation surrounding the testimonies of military officers in the trial against Juan Orlando Hernández continues to unfold, raising questions about the role of the military in legal matters.

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