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Artist Krayon Depicts Ovid Myth With Pixel Art – News

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Artist Krayon Depicts Ovid Myth With Pixel Art – News

Pixel art and Ovid, a bit like putting Microsoft and the myth of Diana and Actaeon together. It is the synthesis that Krayon, the Italian pixel artist, sought in creating a new large mural inspired by Ovid as part of the celebrations of the Bimillennial of Ovid, promoted in Sulmona by the association ‘Amici del Certamen Ovidianum Sulmonense’, chaired by Alessandro Colangelo with the patronage of the Municipality of Sulmona.
Krayon was inspired precisely by the myth of Diana and Actaeon, narrated by the poet in the Metamorphoses and often interpreted in art, from Titian onwards. Krayon painted the profiles of the goddess and the deer in his typical style that recalls digital graphic elements on a facade of a building in the industrial area of ​​the Abruzzo city. The building temporarily houses the “Lombardo-Radice” primary school due to the earthquake.
The mural, which is painted over an area of ​​120 square meters, is one of the largest works of street art in Italy.
Ovid tells of the young hunter Actaeon who came across the cave where Diana and her companions were bathing.
The goddess noticed his presence and, angry, transformed him into a deer. The hunter ran away but was mauled by his own dogs. In the interpretation of the artist, who has worked in various Italian regions and also in China, Diana and Actaeon are figures that make up a single face.

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