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Artist residential courses in Alghero, an atelier to create a site-specific creative project

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Artist residential courses in Alghero, an atelier to create a site-specific creative project

Delivery by March 5, 2024

The Alghero Foundation has published a public notice to identify a person or a multidisciplinary collective, dedicated to any type of creative research and with any medium, to whom to assign the Atelier #4 e #5in which start a residential artist path, during the month of MAGGIO 2024.

The invitation has no age restrictions other than age. The spaces, located respectively in via Carlo Alberto 86 and 88, will be assigned free of charge and exclusively, for a minimum of 10 days up to a maximum of 15.

The initiative is part of the project actions Alghero Experience – A heritage to tell – macro-action Atelier# | NEW CONTEMPORARY NARRATIVES which aims to promote, support and facilitate the potential of visual artists, performer, sound artist, video artist, designer, photography, architects who can offer a personal experience rereading of Alghero’s cultural heritage in a contemporary key.

Creatives are asked to present a site specific creative project potentially capable of originating evolutionary processes thanks to a new interpretation of the places, culture and traditions of Alghero (monuments, traditions, customs, sacred rites, traditional songs, language, ancient crafts, coral processing etc.)

Required documentation

The application for participation must contain the Cv of the creative or collective, the portfolio, i identity documentsi Tax code and/or VAT number, theunconditional acceptance of all clauses included in the notice, and the documentation relating to the Projectwhich must include:

description of the project, in which it will be necessary to specify the link with the territory of Alghero; the estimated budget for the realization of the project; the proposal of a Public Programmea program relating to the organization of work return meetings: open studios, talks, meetings, workshops, the hypothesis of national and international contexts in which to present the residency experience.

Finding sponsors to support your project is permitted.

The application must be submitted
by MARCH 5, 2024
filling out thespecific online form.

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Evaluation criteria

The commission, in harmony with the Atelier# team, will unquestionably evaluate the material received, based on the following guidelines:

qualitative evaluation of curriculum and portfolio; quality and relevance of the project in relation to the objectives of the tender, creativity, development potential, innovation and social value; adequacy of the expected budget; sustainability of the proposal; validity and effectiveness of the public program

Compensation and coverage of residence expenses

Il expected compensation for residency is 1,500 euros (amount before VAT or withholding tax).

The Alghero Foundation will take care of the hospitality costs, mobility, materials for the realization of the work, tourist guide and accompaniment services for knowledge of the territory, possible disability support.

A is expected reimbursement of food and mobility costs in the area upon presentation of regular supporting documents. For participants who make sustainable choices (use of public or green means of transport; use of ecological materials) there is a fixed one-off “green top-up” incentive of 180 euros.

Trying | Further documentation
[ fondazionealghero.it]

The expiry dates displayed are the result of editorial activity. The only official dates are those contained in the text of the announcement and/or on the website of those who organize or promote the competition. Always check its validity with the issuing body.

published on: 02/24/2024

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