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Arts and crafts, the program that gives second chances to women in Santa Marta

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Arts and crafts, the program that gives second chances to women in Santa Marta

240 women are currently training and have the opportunity to belong to a productive unit at the end of their knowledge cycles.

Amalia Beleño, community leader of the 11 de Noviembre neighborhood, is one of the beneficiaries of the Arts and Crafts Program of the District Mayor’s Office. a space created by President Virna Johnson, so that women in vulnerable conditions can acquire knowledge and undertake with what they have learned, achieving a second chance for their families and themselves.

This leader is currently following the dressmaking course, in which the District, through the Secretariat of Economic Development and in agreement with Cotesmag, they provide all the raw materialsthe machinery and the space so that they can make clothing and at the end of the course be part of a productive unit where they generate income.

“We are taking this as a life project, since all the women here are mothers who are heads of households. Some of us were subjected to mistreatment because we did not have the capacity to have our own business to pay for and support our children. We are training with the hope of creating a great company,” said Beleño.

Likewise, Lucía Saltarén, resident of the María Cecilia sector and whoever takes the handmade backpack making course thanked Mayor Johnson for creating these spaces for and for women who dignify their lives and their value in society.

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“This is the materialization of what the Government of Change promised at some point, which was to reach the neighborhoods to support the community, especially women who need to be empowered, to have a base to be able to move forward. Grateful to you because it is not only what we are producing, but at a cultural level we are also contributing to our region so that these ancestral techniques are not lost,” Saltarén stated.

The 240 women, belonging to strata 1, 2 and 3not just kingsThey receive lessons in Wayu-type backpacks, Arhuaca-type backpacks, typical cuisine, nails, dressmaking and beauty, they also receive training in English, digital marketing, finances; being certified in their art or craft.

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“These women will have the opportunity to go out with cooperative companies, where they will receive seed capital to start their businesses, as well as the opportunity to acquire soft loans to be able to improve, expand and grow their infrastructure of cooperative companies” said Iván Calderón, Secretary of Economic Development and Competitiveness.

The beneficiaries will also be part of the different entrepreneurship fairs organized the District, so that they can distribute their products.

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