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As far as irrationality

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As far as irrationality

Luis Humberto Tovar Trujillo

I learned of an episode that occurred in the Neiva Council, which greatly compromises the health of one of its members, specifically Faiber Tamayo, where in a heated debate, where the topic was the desperate indebtedness of the municipality.

Whatever the aforementioned councilor’s position might have been, on the subject, also referred to, it is still a discussion within a natural setting for debate, for discussion, it supposes one, more intellectual than passionate, but unfortunately, the levels of intolerance have reached such a point, that a columnist from the newspaper La Nacion, dared to vulgarize the episode, going to the extreme, of playing with the health of councilor Tamayo.

I don’t know, nor do I want to know, what interests one or the other was representing; but what is inconceivable is that an episode becomes vulgarized, to the point of becoming part of the “circus”, the health of one of its members, as the public sector, which includes the house in Nariño, is now called.

While the councilor struggles with difficulties, in one of the city’s health centers, to overcome his state of health, which, among other things, with cardiac consequences, the columnist was celebrating, I repeat, vulgarizing the episode.

Can it be understood that this episode could have happened, or another similar one, where the person affected had been someone with ties of blood or affinity with the columnist?

The serious thing about all this is to reflect on the levels of intolerance and irrationality, to which we have reached, that we already seem like hyenas against others, for positions that remain in the debate, in the discussion of the venue.

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You have to go to the right measure of things, as a thinker said; not to leave the sphere of rationality.

We must distinguish ourselves from animals at least in being rational, although as in this case, it seems that we are not; that far has come, the degeneration of the human species.

Let’s understand that we can disagree with others, that fact alone is the best and greatest demonstration of human intelligence, why we have to renounce that right, and take the human condition of others, of our fellow citizens, ahead of us.

Let us not continue to be victims of low passions; to continue like this, is to resort to meanness, by simply defending causes, generally irrational, that, to defend them, you only need the ingredient of low behavior, to try to believe to make them successful.

False illusion, little exquisite, by the way. The councilor who is the victim of this episode, today confined to a hospital, has already initiated the actions due to him, to “recover” at least respect for his human dignity.

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