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As it was sung, in Congress the political reform sank – news

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As it was sung, in Congress the political reform sank – news

Several “micos” are attributed to the government initiative, such as the revolving door between the Legislative and the Executive, the turncoat, etc.

After three hours of evidence and hard debates, the first committee of the Senate approved the withdrawal of Legislative Act 018, or political reform, at the formal request of the National Government that, paradoxically, this initiative was its responsibility, but before the rejection of Congressmen from various sectors, not only from opposition parties, the Executive had no choice but to request that said reform be archived, which has been considered the first major defeat of President Petro in Congress, where he even has majorities.

The president of Congress, Roy Barreras, who wanted to distance himself from the reform, breaking the text, when there was no turning back, was accused, together with congressman Ariel Ávila, of having promoted the “monkeys” that caused its collapse.

It is said that at least four were the most controversial articles contained in the political reform, among them:

The revolving door between the Legislative and the Executive, that is to say, that a congressman could be appointed minister or in other high public positions and then return to his seat.

Closed lists. The Government gave in regarding what was approved in 2022, in the sense that closed lists were not mandatory, in exchange for benefits
financial and political for the parties that decided to present themselves through this mechanism.

A gift to current congressmen. They were given priority in the order of the closed lists. Meant that current congressmen were given preference to occupy the top positions on their party lists in 2026, without taking gender equity criteria into account.

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Another great “mico” is what is called political turncoats, that is, they could change parties whenever they wanted, according to convenience and the political situation.

That reform, according to critics, was a paragon of politicking, clientelism, corruption and, especially, antidemocratic.

According to the president of the Congress, Roy Barreras, who tore his clothes, “the Government will not end on July 20, we have three years to discuss and approve a fundamental political reform, which will put an end to the clientelist and corrupt system of purchasing votes; We all agree that a deep political reform is required, let’s work to make the reform that the country needs ”, he affirmed, after the collapse of the initiative that he helped build.

consensus between senators

There was consensus among the senators Alexander Carlos Chacon, liberal party; Carlos Fernando Motoa, Radical change; Dove Valencia, Democratic Center; Jonathan Pulido Hernandez, Green party; Jorge Benedetti Martel, Radical change; David Luna Radical Change, and German Blanco Alvarez, Conservative Party, around the fact that the Government had no other option to withdraw the project, after verifying that the votes for the collapse were an absolute majority: “The reform was sunk… The Government can assure that it withdrew it, but the truth is that nobody was in agreement agreement with that project,” said the Nortesantanderean congressman, Alexander Carlos Chacon.

The different parties were willing to seek understanding mechanisms, so that next year a political reform can be presented and processed, outside the efforts of the electoral processes, such as the one that is underway to elect local and regional authorities.

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For his part, Interior Minister Alfonso Prada assured that President Petro will summon all political forces to a great national agreement, with the purpose of building a consensual reform, which contains the vision of all ideological tendencies.

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